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As a regular listener to FSN, you know we are extremely interested in seeing the US tap into and exploit its vast natural resources. Recent advances in hydro-fracking technology have led to massive increases in domestic energy production, but they have also caused numerous environmental debates. Finally last week, the Federal Government handed down its much dreaded rules on the practice, which were surprisingly mild and uncontroversial. 

At the Hard Assets NY Conference I was able to get a round table together with our regular guest the Mercenary Geologist, Mickey Fulp, Marin Katusa, Casey Research's resident energy guru, and Keith Schaefer, a noted authority on the Energy Sector and the editor and publisher of Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin. Together, they all agreed that even Uncle Sam can't and won't stop the energy industry from Fracking. There's no end in sight to the revolution because there are thousands of wells that have been drilled but aren't in production due to the depressed natural gas prices. It amounts to what some would call a free market in energy, and this is perhaps is the biggest shock of all.

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