Chris and I discussed many alarming events happening around the globe. Like Britney Spears' sale of her house in California so she could move in with her fiance. Then there was Nicki Minaj's wardrobe malfunction on American Idol and her beef with JLo. Forget the dollar losing its reserve status or constant and continual manipulation of the gold and silver markets. There are so many other negative events which are occurring just beneath the surface. It is often said that markets determine the headlines, rather than the headlines determining the markets. Or perhaps we are just seeing the pre-holiday calm before what promises to be the mother of all economic storms. Either way, April has always been a consequential month, with both the Revolutionary War and the Civl War starting in the fourth month of the year.

Are we predicting war or worse? Hardly! Just beware of the signs of quickening economic turmoil that the world has been attempting to get a handle on for the past four years. 

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