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We caught up with Charles Hugh Smith today, which is always fun. Here's his latest take on things. 

To survive, the Status Quo must maintain the same output: the stock market must be held aloft at current levels, entitlements must be paid, the National Security State must either expand or maintain its current global reach, and so on.

Same with debt levels. if you really want to get the scoop check out this link. http://www.publicdebt.treas.gov/history/history.htm.

What's hidden from view is the rising input costs to maintain this illusion of stability. Consider the Federal Reserve's campaign to elevate the housing and stock markets. First the Fed need only threaten to buy mortgages and Treasury bonds to trigger a market rally. But soon this is not enough to keep the market aloft, so the Fed unleashes a campaign of quantitative easing (QE1) with an eventual end date.

This pushes the market higher, but once the artificial stimulus ends, the market feels gravity once again and rolls over. To maintain the necessary output--a rising stock market--the Fed must increase each dose and never stop. There is no exit plan.

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of QE.

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