Chris and I discussed many alarming events happening around the globe. Like Britney Spears' sale of her house in California so she could move in with her fiance. Then there was Nicki Minaj's wardrobe malfunction on American Idol and her beef with JLo. Forget the dollar losing its reserve status or constant and continual manipulation of the gold and silver markets. There are so many other negative events which are occurring just beneath the surface. It is often said that markets determine the headlines, rather than the headlines determining the markets. Or perhaps we are just seeing the pre-holiday calm before what promises to be the mother of all economic storms. Either way, April has always been a consequential month, with both the Revolutionary War and the Civl War starting in the fourth month of the year.

Are we predicting war or worse? Hardly! Just beware of the signs of quickening economic turmoil that the world has been attempting to get a handle on for the past four years. 

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Dr. Joseph Salerno economics professor at Pace University, my alma mater, graciously sat down with FSN today to examine the reasons why we're experiencing the continued and extended global economic collapse. While there are many causes, first and foremost is the drift away from honest money to fiat money. This, of course, was facilitated by the Federal Reserve. It has enabled the world to run tremendous deficits and debase currencies around the globe. It has also fueled the wave of militaristic adventurism we've been experiencing for decades. 

Dr. Salerno has dedicated his life to educating and enlightening students to the history of money and monetary collapses. Inflation is always a symptom of far deeper problems and this time is no different. Dr. Salerno is one of the best known Austrian School Economists in the world; he is Vice President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. The Mises Institute provides invaluable information and resources to combat the forces of economic ignorance and Keynesianism. The battle is being waged on mind at a time, but when the currency collapse is felt by all, the pace will no doubt accelerate. 

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Direct download: Joseph_Salerno_03-30-2012.mp3
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Gary Gibson of is thinking about spreading the wealth. No, not giving it away to undeserving parasites who pray upon the producing class. But rather, diversifying his assets to other countries around the globe. This could mean buying real estate in South America, putting gold and silver beyond the reach of greedy bureaucrats, or other measures aimed at ensuring the financial crisis doesn't take you down with it. 

Gary's concerned about creeping totalitarianism, and the extent the government will go to finance its burgeoning operations. Government is like an injured wild animal that's been cornered. It will stop at nothing to ensure its survival. So, as always, it's best to be prepared and to keep your options open. 

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Direct download: Gary_Gibson_03-29-2012.mp3
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Drug dealers and other citizens outside the main stream economic system are cleaning up money laundering's new image with Extra-Strength Tide. It really gets the Feds out; seems stolen Tide laundry detergent has almost become an alternative currency in certain parts of the Country. While it's not exactly portable or very convenient either, it has its uses. While the government is attempting to phase out physical cash, entrepreneurs of every walk of life will seek substitutes. This is just a basic law of economics and nothing can change it. So after Tide, what will come next? Perhaps that 450 million rounds of ammunition Homeland Security has ordered is really the foundation of new monetary system. Bullets are easy to carry and extremely portable; and a box of cartridges is very divisible. We'll see when they start stamping denominations of the outside, then we'll know for sure.  

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Direct download: Jeffrey_Tucker_03-29-2012.mp3
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Peter Grandich has a new contrarian indicator, The GNEMI-The Grandich Nasty Email Indicator. These days he's getting a lot of negative feedback about gold, silver, and junior mining prices. Bulls are starting to lose faith, but not Peter. He's been in these markets for decades, and he knows that cycles always repeat themselves, no matter the market. He's expecting selling pressure in the wake of next week's religious holidays. Major holidays always lead to thinly traded markets, which inevitably lead to opportunities to manipulate prices. With all the unbacked paper floating around the metals markets these days, it's a pretty safe bet. 

However, don't forget that demand for the precious metals is booming all over the world! China, India, Vietnam and so many other countries have stepped up their purchases. How much longer can the market proceed before price discovery reasserts itself? Probably not too much longer, and when it does happen, it will be the cover story on all the financial publications around the world. 

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Direct download: Peter_Grandich_03-29-2012.mp3
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Gary Wagner of believes the precious metals correction is probably over, and we'll see a quick run up for gold to around $1760 per ounce. The current weakness in metals prices is a good opportunity for long term and short term buyers to get in and capture profits. The markets are following very predictable patterns according to Gary's interpretations of Elliott Wave Theory and Japanese Candlestick Formations. While the markets have been violent and no doubt manipulated, the patterns are nonetheless very clear.

Gary sees the precious metals bull market continuing for at least another year and a half. It's always dangerous to predict markets with exact timing. If you're wrong, you get belittled. If you're right, the naysayers just claim that you were lucky--much like a stopped clock is right twice a day. But, we'll bet that Gary's projections are more a result of skill than luck. 

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Direct download: Gary_Wagner_03-29-2012.mp3
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Chris Mayer has travelled the world seeking out investment opportunities in the least likely of places. People in the lesser developed countries of the world see what citizens of more prosperous areas have and how they live. This has lead to a global modernization drive to bring these countries' standards of living up to the Western World's standards. While there's a lot of uncertainty and fears about what the future will bring, this rising tide will inevitably lift all boats. Chris sees Asia driving a global prosperity wave.

At Agora Financial, Chris is managing editor of the Capital and Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations newsletters. He gave up commercial banking to take up financial research/writing at exactly the right time. Now, he has thousands of subscribers around the world, and it's a big world. Chris regularly uncovers unique investment ideas and themes in such diverse areas as agriculture, water, energy and infrastructure. You can find information about World Right Side Up, Chris's newest book, here.

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Direct download: Chris_Mayer_03-28-2012.mp3
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Bob Chapman joins us again today for our biweekly check-in. Since we've been doing the show together for almost a year, nothing much has changed, except that the elites are getting more and more brazen in their exploitative criminal enterprises. Bob thinks that Corzine maybe spending a weekend at Bernie's or perhaps even several years. While Corzine repeatedly claimed he had no idea where the money was, now it looks like he probably did.

Yet again, and again, and again gold and silver are under attack. However, the system is cealrly moving to metals so you need to get there ahead of it. China doesn't have enough gold to back its currency; actually, very few countries do. So there's a scramble taking place by the banks to acquire gold at virtually any cost, regardless what the paper markets say the price is. But we'll know the true value of unbacked paper soon enough.

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Direct download: Bob_Chapman_03-28-2012.mp3
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Looks like there might be just a little hope for the beleaguered MF Global clients. In London, KPMG a large international accounting firm who was appointed by the English bankruptcy court to account for the "lost" assets of MF has so far recovered $500 million dollars of unsegregated customer funds from a small list of large financial institutions. They're going for $1 billino and they told this motly group in January that if they didn't pay up, they're going to court. This may be the best chance account holders have of ever seeing their money again. And it explains why large financial groups are buying up client claims at a discount, because they know that the clients will eventually get back all their money.

Also, we see the fall out from the Swift banning of Iran from the international transfer network which has resulted in the start of an abandonment of the dollar and the opening of many swap agreements between trading partners. Get ready for what's coming next!

And finally, our new site is up and running. We're carrying the top financial and economic stories of the day and you can sign up there for the free Financial Survival Toolkit and free weekly newsletter. 

Direct download: TLR_178.mp3
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Max Yemets Tells About Living In Hyper-Inflationary Ukraine--03-27-2012

Max Yemets was just a child when hyper-inflation came to the Ukraine, but he has many memories of that time. Max remembers people living on fixed incomes and having their entire worth wiped out. 10,000% inflation has a way of making people question their government. While they were extremely hard times, that seemingly happened overnight, people banded together and got through it with remarkable grace.

Naturally, there was civil unrest as well as a major increase in crime. People in the former Soviet Union didn't have a right to bear arms, and the State liked it that way. But most people in the Ukraine knew how to live off the land, and for 3-4 years that's exactly what they did. Finally, the currency was pegged to the US Dollar, and the cycle ended once and for all. Unfortunately, we don't have another currency to substitute for our dollar. So if the currency follows the normal lifecycle of all fiat currencies, we will have to pin our hopes on gold and silver. 

Max's site is must reading.

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Direct download: Max_Yemet_03-27-2012.mp3
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Danielle Park Believes That No One Is Too Big To Fail--03-27-2012

Danielle Park, of fame, joined us again today, and I'm very happy to announce she will now become part of our bi-weekly repertoire. Today Danielle and I took a tour into the never-never land of contemporary financial markets. We share a common outrage of the world governments. It seems the governments of the world are working 24/7 to ensure the most corrupt and destructive financial institutions survive to plunder the globe yet another day. When will it all end? Neither of us has an answer, but we agree that unless steps are immediately taken to slice and dice these predatory monoliths, trouble is waiting up ahead.

Those who save are the ones who wind up paying most for the bailouts, and they receive almost nothing in return. While confidence in every country's obligations and securities is at an all time low, institutions and investors keep putting money into them because there's really very little alternative. The bear market in stocks has gone on for over a decade, and no one sees an end to it. Hopefully, real companies, marketing real goods and services, will herald in a new economic paradigm. Until then, take the current signs of low volatility as a sign to expect the next black swan to appear. 

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Direct download: Danielle_Park_03-27-2012.mp3
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Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute for Individual Rights sees a troubling pattern of expanding government that causes great injury to individual rights and the ability of our economy to produce products and services that people want. In addition, the damage done by the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory schemes has caused immeasurable damage to America and its markets. Companies are now avoiding the US markets as a result. 

Therefore, we can never emphasize enough, and we must constantly engage ourselves in the debate of government expansion versus the individual's rights. This issue has been with us since the founding of the Republic, and it has never stayed dormant for so long. Therefore, there is always a need to communicate the message of freedom. The continuing assault can only have one result: totalitarianism and complete subservience to the State. Yaron will be debating David Callahan of the left leaning Demos Institute in Chicago. For more information go to

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Direct download: Yaron_Brook_03-26-2012.mp3
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I hadn't reviewed gold prices since early Monday morning. I was surprised to see gold up over $22 per ounce, but Andy wasn't. Ben Bernank spoke today, and he confirmed the rumors that have been flying around. Yes, he's still a money printer, and he has no intention of stopping. Hopefully, he will be stopped before the dollar turns into worthless bits and bytes on computers around the world, but there's no indication that this is about to happen.

Andy and I also discussed how Apple has become the tail, wagging the stock market's dog. As the most valuable company in the world, Apple can not only send computer suppliers and parts makers into an immediate frenzy, it can also do the same to stock markets. It has a disproportionate share of the NASDAQ's valuation as well as the S&P's. So it is truly the bellwether stock of our times. But that doesn't mean the paper markets are at all healthy. The public has dropped them like a group of kids playing catch with a hand grenade. The averages are constantly being whipped around by high frequency trading and by the algorithm boys. So what is anything really worth these days, anyway?

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Direct download: Ranting_Andy_-3-26-2012.mp3
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Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan released his budget last week. At first blush, it appeared to be a substantial move in the right direction. It cut spending while decreasing taxation. But the reality is that his budget completely misses the mark. It is still a redistributionist plan that forcibly takes money from the producers and almost as lavishly bestows it upon the beneficiaries. This budget takes less and consequently gives less. In the final analysis, the budget doesn't go nearly far enough to help restore confidence in the rapidly deteriorating status quo.

A fiat currency that can be created by the click of a mouse is what facilitates the ever expanding scope of government and the quickly evaporating purchase power of the once almighty dollar. The results of these policies can lead to nothing but global financial collapse, and we can already see the storm clouds on the horizon. Enslaving the current and future generations with debt is a surefire recipe for lower standards of living and a declining culture. One can only try to be prepared for the inevitable chaos. 

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Triple Lutz Report--Is Justice Coming for Jon Corzine--Episode 175

Late Friday afternoon is always the time when Da Boyz love to release damaging news. In hopes, of course, the news will get lost in the weekend spin cycle. Today, a rehashed disclosure came out about "Knows Nothing" Jon Corzine. A memo had been located, which showed that Corzine had specifically directed client funds be used to cover an MF Global bounced check to JP Morgan Chase. While this was a partial rehash, in light of recent findings, it adds clarity to Corzine's actions when MF's S hit the fan. Edith O'Brien, an assistant treasurer at MF sent the email as part of a CYA effort to avoid being scapegoated by Corzine for the theft.

The e-mail states JC (Jon Corzine) directly ordered $200 million in "segregated" customer funds be used to pay the overdraft. Corzine is, of course, saying he had no idea client funds were used for this purpose. You must doubt the veracity of this claim. Would a mid level employee take it upon herself to raid the customer's accounts, to effectively stave off MF's collapse? This is a good question, and one that needs to be answered before a grand jury. Perhaps an offer of immunity or a reduced sentence will help jar O'Brien's memory.

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Direct download: TLR_175.mp3
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Chris Duane has just done a new YouTube video about deleting Facebook. He believes Facebook is emblematic of what's wrong with American culture and society today. Everything about Facebook is superficial and unreal: the way people look, the messages communicated, and the friends people claim to have but don't really. What passed to meaningful and important in contemporary society, is but an illusion. Just like our money and the nutritional value of our feed, there's a fundamental lack of substance.

This false paradigm is quickly coming to an end. With the eventual collapse of the dollar and the return to real honest money, soon much of the fake structures in today's world will cease to function and will no longer exist. While getting to this place will be challenging, it is well worth the journey. 

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Direct download: Chris_Duane_03-23-2012.mp3
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There has been a number of alarming governmental actions in the past few months that should give all freedom loving people cause for concern. From the National Defense Appropriations Act, to the latest presidential edict concerning control of the nation during an emergency, it appears that the noose is tightening. Why is the government passing these measures? What is the Fed expecting, and why aren't they telling us more?

Ty believes that you must prepare now. While the situation is scary, it is not hopeless by any stretch. Therefore, get ready with your financial survival plan, your family's survival plan, and your community's survival plan. Hopefully, you won't need any of them, but who knows for certain? The situation is fluid. It is constantly changing, so we can only hope for the best. But, based on the last 80 plus years of growing and uncontrollable government, we should always prepare for the worst. 

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Direct download: Ty_Andros_03-22-2012.mp3
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Jeb Handwerger and Jordan Roy-Byrne join us for an examination of why the miners and metals are languishing. While there's been a lot of upside in the metals over the past 11 years, the past six months have been trying many investors' patience. Precious metals slam-downs seem to be the rule of the day, and the stocks have not kept up with the metals' price increases. While there are certainly external reasons dealing with metals price supression schemes by governments around the globe, there are also a number of technical reasons why these conditions have arisen. Rather than examine the well known gold/silver manipulations, Jeb and Jordan focused on the technical reasons, which always weigh on the markets. We always need to be aware of the many factors that affect metal prices. 

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Direct download: handwerger_byrne_rt_03-22-2012.mp3
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When it comes to Nanny Statism there's no greater proponent than New York City's Mayor, Michael Nanny Bloomberg. As a liberal know-it-all, he believes he has the personal right to tell you what you should be eating, smoking, inhaling, and probably thinking as well. His campaigns against smoking, salt, fast food, and trans fats, just to name a few, are the stuff of legends. Nanny Bloomberg commands a vast legion of pointy-headed petty bureaucrats who are ready, at the drop of a hat, to enforce his will. 

Witness the latest episode where the mayor has personally banned private food contributions to the City's burgeoning empire of homeless shelters. The mayor is alarmed that homeless recipients, who might otherwise be starving on the streets, could be getting food too high in calories, salt, and fat. In his stilted view of the universe, he probably believes he's doing God's work. After all, if he doesn't watch the diet of the homeless, then who will? This is exactly the type of policy that inhibits people from helping those in need and performing a vital service to their fellow man. 

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Direct download: TLR_174.mp3
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Today, we had another one of the increasingly popular roundtable forums. Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, and Ron Hera, of Hera Research, discussed their individual approaches towards investing in junior mining companies. One thing I learned, as if I hadn't know it already, you either need to be a professional in this area or you need to closely follow other proven professionals. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do your own due diligence, quite the contrary. It means you need to study this group of proven professional extremely carefully. Look for industry experts who get it and can effectively speak to you.

While some compare investing in mining stocks to be analogous to gambling at the casino, Mickey was very clear about the contrary. It may entail taking risks, but when you are armed with the right knowledge, you can realize excellent profits. However, as Ron said, if you can't do the research, you might want to stay clear of the sector because there's such a high failure rate. It's easy to make mistakes and lose money.

They both agree TAKING profits at the right time is a must. All in all, this is a very informative and engaging discussion.

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Direct download: Ron_Mickey.mp3
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Ron Hera of joined us today to share his latest opinions on why paper money is often equivalent to theft. While there are many things wrong with fiat money, the main thing is it enables government to easily pick winners and losers. If you want to take advantage of an opportunity and you're part of the in-group, all you need to do is contact your connections, get a government license or a cheap government loan/subsidy and you're in. If you're an insolvent banker who doesn't know how you're ever going to get all those mortgages paid off, you call your friendly Fed and the next thing you know, you've gotten a generous bailout and the bonuses are flowing.

Obviously such inequities increase resentment among the not-so-connected group. This group is being fleeced for the benefit of the elites and cons, and they want justice. Judging from the aftermath of the financial collapse, this group is never going to get vindication because the elites look after each other and keep one another from being held accountable. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the average citizen to invest in places where he/she will not be subject to government confiscation. Ron Hera is a master at this fine art of evasive investing. This was a far ranging but extremely relevant discussion. 

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Direct download: Ron_Hera_03-21-2012.mp3
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We were very fortunate to have John Butler, author of what is sure to become an instant classic, The Golden Revolution, back on the show to talk about his book and the economic system he sees developing around us. There is so much happening on the international monetary scene, we must get as many opinions and viewpoints as possible. John's perch in London gives him a wide perspective that helps shed light on the coming events.

John worked for over 15 years as an interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity strategist at major banks around the world before founding Amphora Capital, an independent investment and advisory firm, in London. He has written extensively on financial topics, and his work has been cited in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, among other publications. He is also the author and publisher of the popular Amphora Report newsletter and is an occasional speaker at global investment conferences. He resides in the English countryside with his wife and four children.

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Direct download: John_Butler_03-21-2012.mp3
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We were very fortunate to sit down with Francis Cianfrocca today for a wide ranging discussion on what's going on with the economy in the US and across the globe. As a CEO, businessman, and investor based in New York City, Francis brings a unique perspective towards understanding what's really going in today.  He's  written extensively on business, markets and policy issues. His work has been featured on many websites: Redstate, Human Events, Commentary, RealClearPolitics, CBS News, and other outlets. Francis also appears regularly throughout the country as a radio commentator.

We hope that he'll become a regular on the show. 

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Direct download: Francis.mp3
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Leave it to the fascist state to eliminate the little guy, when they perceive even the slightest threat. Phil Accordino thought he had the solution to exorbitant cigarette prices. Invent and market a machine that enables consumers to roll their own cigarettes, on the spot, thereby saving tons of taxes in the process. Seems Congress, as usual, screwed up when they last increased cigarette taxes. They left pipe tobacco alone and only applied the increase to cigarettes and cigars. 

Sensing an opportunity Accordino started marketing these machines to tobacco shops around the country. He cleaned up but will soon have to stop operations if Congress and Big Tobacco have their way. While they won't be raising taxes on pipe tobacco, they are going to kill his business with over-regulation. Any company producing tobacco anywhere, will be subject to killer regulations and safety rules. This means the stores will have to affix warnings to all cigarettes that are produced on their premises. Another step towards Turnkey Totalitarianism!

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Direct download: TLR_173.mp3
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"Ranting" Andy joined us for his Monday recap. Both he and I agree that something very bad is on the horizon. Even if the Israeli Cabinet hadn't voted in favor of war with Iran, even if gas prices weren't going nuts, something terrible is imminent. The chart for government debt spending is starting to look ominous as well. So don't worry about paper assets, focus on accumulating the kind of physical assets that you can keep close in times of chaos. This is the only way to actually protect and perhaps increase your wealth.

Remember, what's taking place in the financial markets today is largely a result of government intervention. While Apple Computer today announced a large dividend and stock buyback program, it can't hide the fundamental weaknesses in the US and World Economies. Things are not improving as the government would like you to believe, but rather conditions continue to deteriorate at an increasing rate. So even though gold and silver have taken their share of hits recently, their prices continue to hold up well under pressure. 

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Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_03-19-2012.mp3
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