Kerry Lutz interviewed Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, CEO of Leadin Private Wealth, about their flagship product of issuing dollar loans backed by bitcoin collateral and their other offerings in the crypto space. Mauricio explained the benefits of their product, including maintaining ownership of bitcoin while getting the dollars needed without creating a taxable event. He also discussed the transparency measures Leadin takes to ensure the safety of client assets and the ease of setting up an account.

Additionally, Mauricio talked about the demand for their product and the concentration of flows back to Leadin after competitors who acted recklessly went under. Finally, he touched on the impact of digital assets on financial inclusion and the ability to connect people to higher quality services in remote locations.

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In the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviews Brent Bowers about his successful land investment business, which involves buying and selling land, improving the process, and offering seller financing. Brent shares his investment strategies, including going after bigger and more expensive parcels and building passive income through seller financing. They discuss the impact of interest rates on the business and how it has created more opportunities for them.

Brent provides a detailed overview of his process for finding and analyzing land deals, emphasizing the importance of working with knowledgeable real estate agents. They also discuss the potential for investing in land, with Bowers sharing his experience of buying and selling parcels of land for profit. Finally, Brent shares his tips and strategies for real estate investing, advising beginners to start investing in their own backyard before expanding and suggesting investing in trending states like Alabama and Texas.

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When we talk about debt and its impact on our economy, we almost always mean “government debt.” However, this is only a small part of the picture: individuals, private firms, and households owe trillions, and these private debts are vital to understanding the economy. In this iconoclastic book, Richard Vague examines the assets, liabilities, and incomes of the entire country, private and public sector, to reveal its net worth. His holistic analysis shows that the real factor that drives both financial crises and spiraling inequality―but also, paradoxically, economic growth―is ever rising private debt. The paradox is that while debt is essential and our economy relies on it, it also brings instability unless it is periodically deleveraged―and that is very hard to do. It can, however, be carefully managed, and Vague ends the book by showing how to do so in policy areas ranging from trade and housing to financial policy and student debt. Underpinned by pioneering data analysis and the author’s lifetime of experience in the financial world, this book is essential for anyone who wants to understand the deep, underlying dynamics of the American economy. 

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Kerry Lutz interviewed Dr. Kuni Beasley about the value of college education and how it has changed over the years. They discussed the rising cost of college and strategies for taking the pinch out of the cost of college, including finding scholarships and grants. They also talked about the importance of choosing the right school and degree program, and how college may not be necessary for everyone, especially for those who are entrepreneurial.

Additionally, they discussed the role of test scores in college admissions and the importance of proper test preparation and the use of test-taking techniques and strategies to beat standardized tests. Finally, they emphasized that learning is a lifelong process and that college only provides the foundation for further learning in the job market.

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Kerry Lutz introduced Dan Barrett, an expert in helping investors find sellers in a short inventory market. Dan shared his journey from being a high school history teacher to focusing on a particular type of client. He explained how his agency focuses on online methods to find sellers and shared some of the strategies they use. Dan provided an overview of the two main online marketing strategies, the shotgun approach and the sniper approach, and emphasized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing.

Kerry interviewed Dan about the results his agency has achieved for clients and their ideal client profile. Dan shared success stories of clients who have achieved significant profits and scaled up their business with the help of his agency's lead generation services. He emphasized the importance of online marketing for all businesses and encouraged consistency in efforts. 

Dan's Site:


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In this meeting, Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed a range of topics, including the impact of rising student loan debt on credit card balances, the benefits and risks of writing covered calls on certain stocks, and the consequences of San Francisco and California's experiment with legalizing crime and camping on the streets. They also discussed the severity of China's real estate crisis, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the recent wildfire in Hawaii, the changing nature of rebellion and protest art, and the recent lawsuits against Facebook for censorship.

Throughout the conversation, the speakers shared their personal experiences and opinions on each topic, highlighting the complexity of the situations and the potential impact on the global economy and society. They emphasized the need for unity and change in the face of exploitation and injustice, and expressed hope that the courts will protect their rights and come down on the side of the First Amendment.

--56% of student loan borrowers will have to choose loans or necessities (

--Interest rates, mortgage rates are spiking. Where do things start breaking?

--Another big Chinese shadow bank is imploding. 

--Flooding in Beijing and surrounding areas, end of Xi coming?

--BRICS: lots of opinions out there but no hard data until the meeting.

--What the hell was that Hawaii fire? 

--First there was "Try it in a small town" and now there's "Rich men north of Richmond"   Art is starting to rebel against the system. 

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Kerry Lutz and Josefine Campbell discussed the concept of managing personal energy levels for business success using the imaginary tool called the power barometer. They emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one's energy levels and how it can affect team performance. They also talked about the personal nature of business and how owning one's energy levels is crucial. The discussion also touched on the importance of sleep and healthy sleep patterns, as well as practical steps to boost energy levels such as doing activities that give energy and self-care practices like meditation and exercise.

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Kerry Lutz and Dudley Baker discussed the current state of the resource sector and the potential for high returns in the future. Baker mentioned a service he subscribes to that predicts a cycle low in precious metal stocks, which could be causing the current down pressure on gold and mining shares. He believes that once these cycle lows have passed, there should be a big up move in the gold and mining shares, potentially leading to ten baggers or even x one thousand percent returns for investors.

Baker also shared his investment philosophy and provided examples of his investment strategy, emphasizing the potential for high returns in the resource sector and the importance of getting in early. He advised investors to do their own due diligence and invest in companies that they believe have potential for growth, and suggested that now may be a good time to invest in mining stocks. Lutz recommended that investors visit Baker's website to get a better understanding of his personal portfolio and the companies he is invested in.

Direct download: Dudley_Baker_09.Aug.23.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Robert Kientz discussed the banking crisis and deposit gap caused by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, leading to an outflow of almost a trillion dollars from large commercial banks and several hundred billions from small commercial banks. They expressed concerns about the potential for wholesale defaults and policymakers' ability to recognize the issue and take action to help shore up the banks' balance sheets. The speakers also discussed the possibility of bailouts taking place behind the scenes and the challenges of the FDIC's limited coverage for deposits. They questioned whether the policy-making tools will be strong enough to prevent a downward spiral and maintain consumer confidence, and expressed uncertainty about the future of the banking system.

Kerry Lutz and Robert Kientz also discussed the economic benefits of living in low tax states like Florida and Texas, which have a business-friendly climate and booming real estate markets. They compared these states to high tech states with misguided policies, such as California and New York, where real estate prices are negatively impacted by high taxes. The booming real estate market in low tax states has led to positive growth and increased tax receipts, but has also caused stress for those with lower incomes due to rising rents and home prices. Despite these challenges, Kerry and Robert agreed that low tax states are generally doing much better than high tech states in terms of economic growth and prosperity.

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Doug Casey and Kerry Lutz discussed various topics including the potential dangers that could lead to the collapse of civilization, the decline of DIY repairs due to modern technology, the role of government and its usefulness, and the challenges of sustainable energy sources. They emphasized the importance of individual freedom and free markets in solving the problems facing the world. They also discussed the misconceptions about Russia and the benefits of nuclear power as a safe, clean, and cheap form of mass power generation. 

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Kerry Lutz and Russell Stone provided a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the market, discussing the impact of external factors such as China's economy and Europe's slowdown. They also delved into the value of precious metals and the strength of the dollar, and how these factors may affect the market in the future. The speakers also discussed the role of the Federal Reserve and interest rates, and how these may impact the bond and fixed income markets.

Additionally, they engaged in a lively discussion about the state of the housing market, with Russell expressing concern about the potential for a foreclosure crisis and the impact of government debt on the market. Kerry believes that a foreclosure crisis is unlikely due to political reasons, and they both agree that the market will eventually recalibrate and present opportunities for investors. Overall, they offered a nuanced perspective on the current state of the market and the potential for future growth and investment opportunities.

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We were very fortunate to sit down with an our close friend and associate Dunagun Kaiser at the recent Rick Rule Symposium. We go way and we reminisced about old time and spoke about where the world is heading. 

While the situation is always hopeless we prove quite conclusively that it is never serious. We talk about the value of children, family and communities in helping you to prepare for an uncertain future. 

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We sat down for a sponsor update from Fury Gold Mines’ (FURY 🇨🇦: FURY 🇺🇸) CEO Tim Clark and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson ( FURY). Drill results are in for the first 3 holes for 2023. Multiple zones of high-grade gold were intercepted at the Hinge Target. Gold mineralization was present in each drill hole including 5.0 meters of 3.6 g/t Au, 6.5m of 2.66 g/t Au, 6.0m of 2.77 g/t Au and 1.0m of 10.35 g/t Au. Atkinson says things are going exactly to plan with good continuity and results.

CEO Clark explains that a revised resource estimate is expected later in the year. His hope is for 2 million ounces. With drills continuing to turn on Hinge and Percival, this is not too far a stretch. While the Quebec wildfires delayed drilling for four weeks, the crews have returned with renewed vigor and they’re making up for lost time. The good news is that assay labs are back in full operation and have been rapidly returning results.

Fury started the year with an impressive C$12 million in the treasury and expects to finish with C$6 million. In addition, they are still a 25% holder of Dolly Varden Silver shares so adequate funds will be available beyond 2023.

Fury has also taken on a new chair – Brian Christie, who reigned for a decade as Investor Relations dynamo at Agnico Eagle. This will facilitate the company’s efforts to broaden its investor appeal, which is one of the many reasons we are staying invested.

Company Website:

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We sat down with Trillion Energy’s (TCF 🇨🇦: TRLEF 🇺🇸: Z62 🇩🇪) CEO Arthur Halleran for a sponsor update. The company is refocusing its efforts. After successfully drilling 6 natural gas wells, Trillion is seeking to maximize daily production and cash flow.

Underwater wells are complex and Trillion is working to balance production in an effort to insure optimal cash flow. Art informed us that the company will begin drilling again in 2024, after completing a major 3D seismic study on its existing and adjoining blocks. While becoming an established natural gas producer, it has entered into a farm-in agreement with Derkim Poliüretan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. to earn a 50% working & revenue interest in three oil exploration blocks comprised of 151,484 hectares (374,325 acres) within the newly defined Cudi-Gabar petroleum province in Southeastern Turkiye. Art said that, “[This is] the Best Oil Property I’ve Come Across in My Career.” The site is in close proximity to several recent major discoveries. As part of the deal, Trillion will complete 2d seismic on the site and drill 4 wells in 2024.

Art reflected that Trillion is now a natural gas producer, realizing over $2mm per month in net cash flow and is applying the funds to building out the company by making major investments in Turkiye booming energy sector.

The company has come a long way in the past two years. With its latest moves, it is building upon its prior successes and preparing the way for much larger gains in the future. Trillion remains a major holding in our portfolio.

Company website:

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Kerry Lutz interviewed Martin Armstrong about his new book on De-Dollarization and its potential impact on global financial markets. Armstrong argued that the US dollar's dominance is backed by deep financial markets and that the creation of a BRICS currency is unlikely to replace it. He also discussed the geopolitical factors at play, including the Biden administration's removal of Russia from Swift and the impact on globalization. Armstrong suggested that the de-dollarization trend is driven by geopolitical factors rather than deficits, and that the US cannot continue to threaten China and Russia while expecting them to lend money to buy bullets to shoot them.

The conversation also touched on the banking crisis and interest rates, with Armstrong explaining that the primary problem is that interest rates were kept artificially low for too long in Europe, resulting in pension funds and banks losing 30-40% of their capital. They also discussed investment strategies in the current market, including diversifying into tangible assets like real estate, antique coins, and art. The conversation briefly touched on the use of drones in the Ukraine war and the desire for war among certain political figures.

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Kerry Lutz and Patrick Elsner discussed the potential of investing in franchise opportunities and the benefits of technology for franchise brands. They also talked about the startup costs for a Massage Envy franchise and the differences between medicinal and spa-like environments for massage franchises. Additionally, Elsner shared insights on franchise financing and success stories, highlighting that while financing can be costlier due to interest rate spikes, self-funding is common among high-level executives.

He emphasized the importance of finding the right franchise to mitigate risk and shared a success story of a former Bank of America executive who now owns a successful restoration franchise. Elsner also discussed the typical return and net margins for franchises, which can be profitable with net margins of 75-80% for non-retail concepts, but can take upwards of a year to turn profitable for retail-based concepts.

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Japan capitulates again, interest rates spike, yen falls.

Fed is getting frustrated that the markets don't think it's serious. 

Under the headlines, the economy is still slowing.      

--manufacturing indexes are in contraction

-- commercial real estate is falling

-- housing is frozen, stocks hit new highs and are cutting prices.

There’s a shortage of housing due to 3% mortgages. Baby boomers can’t downsize. 

Niger coup roils the uranium market. Why political risk is a real thing.

The BRICS meeting is this month, expect lots of chatter leading up to it. 

Is Elon Musk the most powerful person on earth?

Drones and AI are taking over warfare. 

The Cold War was scam.

Now the rearmament cycle begins anew. 

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PMI Report (Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index)

measures the activity level of purchasing managers in the manufacturing sector

Past few months we have seen the numbers in line or under expectations
Last week it was above for the first time since April
Another number will be reported tomorrow
ALL values are still negative, even if they are not as negative as initially thought.

Everyone is Bullish and it is scary!

Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson finally capitulated and apologized for getting the market wrong the last nine months. (He is a huge bear mkt guy) from 3500-4400

When the Street’s most bearish strategist turns bullish, does that mean the market is due for a correction? YES!

Time to get short.

Last year people were adding on to TBill positions.
This Year, everyone YOLOed into tech stock and out of TBills
Right on market highs.
You could not have scripted this any better.

Between strategists apologizing and people YOLOing into tech stocks, I think it’s time to book whatever gains we have and move to the sidelines.

Lets put a baseline correction of 10-12% And it could get worse.

All I know is that all the conditions are in place for a correction of some magnitude. And it will take a lot of people by surprise, as these things usually do.

Word of advice: sell when you can, not when you have to.
Never confuse brains with a bull market. When we start to hear of plumbers quitting their jobs and getting into day trading… again. They made a lot of money off TSLA and think that is a repeatable strategy. Here we go again.  We all remember that in the 90s, but I guess not everyone does.

We can talk about how interest rates are over 5%, how there is a war in Europe, how there is the persistent threat of inflation, how richly valued the stock market is—none of it matters. These are the sorts of things that people like us talk about on media shows.  People may hear us, but are they listening?

You want to know where the market is going? Don’t follow the smart money; follow the dumb money. – I use that term loosely, because the pain will be real.


Inflation is 3%

The tomb is sealed, and we don’t even realize it yet.

Bottoms are made on panic. Tops are made on euphoria. In October, we were fearing hyperinflation. Now there is open discussion about deflation.

The truth is always somewhere in between.

We went from believing that inflation was undefeated to defeated in nine months. Over that time, the stock market has rallied over 20%. There is a lot of complacency out there. It’s the summer, people are having a good time, and they don’t see the need to hedge. People aren’t doing a lot of thinking about how to insure against a downturn.

Mind you, I’m not talking about a crash—I would never call for a crash—I’m just saying that a sharp correction is highly likely, and it is going to catch a lot of people offside.

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1. Consumer spending roller coaster continues

  • Disposable income went up slightly to 0.4% in May 2023, after 4 months of declines 
  • Personal consumption expenditures continues to roller coaster, at basically flat at 0.1% in May vs. +0.6% in April and +0.1% in March 

2. Out with the old...legacy categories and consumer loyalty are declining, as consumers become more price sensitive

  • "Serial churners" on Netflix (consumers who binge and quit streaming services) grew from 3% of subs in 2019 to +16% of subs in 2022, per a HBR article I co-wrote here.
  • Thrill data shows the average wait times at Disney world was 33 minutes in July 2023 vs. 41 minutes a year ago. This is the lowest since January 2022. 

3. In with the new...consumers are willing to spend, but on 'new and different' experiences

  • COVID to Community: The WSJ notes the "Taylornomics" phenomenon, where Taylor Swift's $1B US tour is creating spending increases everywhere she goes. In Cincinnati, total adjacent spending grew $48MM per their tourism office
  • Per the BLS, the monthly average # of US workers taking vacation from Jan to June exceeded 2.5MM, which was the first time since 2017
  • Cybertruck pre-orders are at 1.9MM as consumers await this controversial, but compelling different product

4. While interest rates remain high, consumers...especially younger ones...will hold off on bigger ticket purchases in lieu of smaller, immediate and different experiences

  • Per Moody Analytics, only 11% of homeowners have an adjustable rate mortgage...
  • the vast majority of homeowners have not been impacted by interest rates and have little incentive to move until rates drop
  • Per Redfin, the median price of a starter home is 46% higher than in 2019. First time buyers of home will delay buying a home (and possibly having kids), and continue to spend on these smaller, immediate and different experiences

Twitter feed: @eddiewouldgrow


Eddie's site:

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Kerry Lutz and Ed Siddell discussed the current state of the economy and the possibility of a recession. They analyzed the strength of the economy and potential risks such as the commercial real estate meltdown and the banking crisis. They also discussed the impact of debt and credit on the market and the changing credit market. The conversation highlighted the uncertainty and complexity of the current economic landscape and the challenges facing investors and businesses.

Additionally, they discussed the state of cities in the US, migration trends, and the importance of personal safety in people's decision to migrate. They also talked about the lack of safety in cities and the need for people to feel safe and be able to raise a family without fear. They concluded by emphasizing the need for fixing the system and getting the right people in office to do so.

Find Ed Here: EGSI Financial

Find Us Here:  FSN

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Kerry Lutz and Taylor Loht discussed the benefits of investing in real estate over stocks and bonds. They highlighted the importance of cash flow and an abundance mindset for success in real estate, as well as the challenges of dealing with misbehavior in the industry. They also emphasized the importance of networking and building relationships to find deals in the commercial real estate space. Taylor shared his successful investment strategy of investing in scarce assets with high demand, such as self-storage properties, and discussed the potential of investing in mobile home parks.

Kerry and Taylor delved into the details of investing in self-storage properties, discussing the demand drivers and risks involved. They emphasized the importance of market analysis and careful consideration of risks, as well as the obstacles involved in getting approvals from municipalities. They also highlighted the benefits of investing in self-storage properties, including the low management required and diverse demand base.

The conversation ended with Taylor explaining his passive wealth strategy and the importance of seeking knowledge from those who know more. Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights into the mindset and strategies required for success in real estate investing.

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Jim Welsh provided a detailed analysis of the current state of inflation, predicting that it will continue to rise due to the reversal of energy prices and food prices. He also discussed the impact of higher interest rates on unemployment numbers and predicted that a recession is likely in the near future based on historical indicators such as the yield curve inversion and the increase in lending standards. Kerry Lutz and Jim Welsh discussed the shift in market sentiment from anticipating a recession to believing that it is no longer a concern, and how this may actually increase the likelihood of a recession.

They provided a comprehensive overview of the economic factors at play and the potential consequences for investors and the economy as a whole. Welsh also provided market analysis on gold, the S&P 500, and lending standards, and suggested caution in light of current prices.

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Lobo Tiggre joined Kerry Lutz to discuss the state of the economy and inflation, with Lobo providing a nuanced analysis of the factors contributing to the weakness of the US and global economies. They also discussed the strength of the demand for gold despite headwinds like higher rates and Fed tightening. Lobo provided a market analysis of gold and silver, predicting a potential near-term pullback in the gold market and advising caution. They also discussed the potential impact of a liquidity event on the metals market and the unpredictability of market crashes.

Additionally, they discussed the Fed's response to the banking crisis and how it was a major emergency response that bailed everyone out without explicitly bailing them out. They expressed concerns about the insolvency of major real estate companies in China and the potential for a hard landing in China's economy, which could impact the global economy. 

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We sat down with Prospera Energy’s (🇺🇸GXRFF -- 🇨🇦PEI) CEO Samuel David and VP of Subsurface -- George Magarian for an update. Prospera is one of our largest holdings. Of primary importance is the company’s 18 well drill program, consisting of 8 slanted/vertical wells and 10 horizontal wells. All the pieces are in place to commence its Phase 2 drill program, which will start by August 15 and will commence rapidly.

VP Magarian has put in over 36 years as a petroleum geologist and is an expert in Western Canada geology. He’s worked for many major producers. He has high expectations for the program. The new wells are in existing fields so risk is extremely low. He expects and 80 to 90 percent success rate. In his opinion, these wells will produce at least 60-100 barrels per day. He expects the resulting increased production in Q3. This added to August’s 1250 BOE will substantially increase production and cash flow.

For 2022 the company reported record cash flow of C$5.4 and upon completion of its Phase 2 program 2023 could go much higher. It has upped its working capital and cash position so it can easily finance increased production. The company has also been helped by $75 oil.

Finally, CEO David discussed the company’s anticipated acquisition. It is in active talks to take over an existing field and is negotiating the exact scope of acquired assets and liabilities.

Prospera expects to news flow to increase substantially as its drill program ramps up and results start coming in. We are very optimistic about its future.

Company website:

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John Grace discusses the economic history of Japan and advises investors to be prepared for the good, the bad, and the unforeseen, and to consider diversifying their assets. He also discusses the potential impact of demographic changes on the real estate market and provides advice for investors, including selling excess real estate and looking at investment opportunities in warehouses, medical properties, and infrastructure. Kerry Lutz and John Grace also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of immigration for the US economy, with Grace arguing that immigration is a net gain and Lutz emphasizing the need for controlled and regulated immigration. Finally, they explore investment strategies and opportunities in the face of technological advancements and economic uncertainty, with Grace emphasizing the importance of active management and diversification in investment portfolios.

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