Manipulation Mondays with Andrew Hoffman:

FOMC meeting

                - per audioblog, "laughable FOMC statement sets new Central bank credibility lows, until SNB one-ups it" - Fed DID NOT take out "considerable time," yet MSM says it did!

                                -also, called oil price decline "and other factors" TRANSITORY

                                -not worried about anything, but still data dependent

                                -FOMC governors' avg expectation for Fed Funds rate at end of 2016 dropped from 2.9% at OCTOBER 29th MEETING to 2.5% today

                                -as meeting going on, SNB took deposit rates negative - just three weeks after referendum, and as Euro challenges "whatever it takes" July 2012 low!

                                                -per article, "end of the gold 'bear market'," gold up sharply in countless currencies - including Francs since the referendum

                                                                -on average, up 5% worldwide; yen gold 7% from all-time high, Ruble gold way above all-time high; rupee gold and others, on average, just 20% or so from all time high

                                                                                -and this, as 2014 ends with record demand


                - whilst FOMC going on, not only SNM madness, but oil at $54-$55/bbl; Greek snap elections favor Syriza; cratering U.S. economic data, nearly across the board.  Not to mention, dollar surges above 10-year range, causing massive                 currency plunges the world round (article - the "single most precious metal bullish factor imaginable")

                                -incredible to see the level of PM manipulation and stock support around the FOMC meeting, as powerful as around the Swiss referendum!  Gold capped at $1,200 35 times last week, and twice already today -                                                  DESPERATION

                                                -if it closes year above $1205, will be up in dollars, too, after all the smashing!



                -per tomorrow's article, "a major silver shortage must, and will, occur", global supply will be up no more than 2% or so in 2014 - and set to plunge; whilst demand at record levels - up 7% in 2014 for maples/eagles/indian imports                 alone, and new research says indsustrial demand set to grow whilst production declines

                -if ends year around $16, massive write-downs, losses, capex cuts, paralyzing mergers - gold, too, at $1,200; 2015 will be year of paralyzing PM mergers


OIL prices!

                -3/4 or more of all Shale uneconomic at current prices; not to mention, other high cost production the world round

                -Saudi and other low-cost producers will smoke them all out

                -$500 billion of junk bonds/leveraged loans will collapse (already are), per article "2015 shale oil = 2008 subprime mortgages"

                -crashing commodity currencies the world round will have horrific consequences


Horrible holiday season likely to be far worse than last year's post-2008 crisis lows, and with GOOD WEATHER to boot

                -Amazon slashed prices on kindles this weekend, and free shipping across the board

                -retail armageddon in 2015, especially as more sales on line

                                -gee, I wonder when the government will impose an online retail sales tax


2015, the year of, per article, the "re-emergence of real money"

                -record demand now, accelerated money printing/currency crashes

                -repatriation wave

                -Euro collapse?



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