Michael Pento expressed deep concern about the current state of the stock market, highlighting the disproportionate influence of a few key stocks on the market's overall performance. He warned about the potential dangers of this imbalance and emphasized the need for caution in the face of a market that appears to be thriving on the surface but is, in reality, exhibiting signs of weakness and instability. Pento also raised significant concerns about the US economy's insolvency, highlighting the potential risks of excessive borrowing to combat a recession and the impact on bond vigilantes.

Furthermore, Pento discussed the potential impact of the $1.7 trillion of QE from the reverse repo facility and its potential to trigger a liquidity crisis, along with a temporary strengthening of the US dollar. He also expressed deep concerns about the potential destruction of the dollar against hard assets and the possibility of protracted stagflation. The discussion also touched on the potential role of future policymakers in managing the economic fallout, the potential need for a debt jubilee or restructuring, and the urgency of developing a strategy to navigate the impending crisis. Kerry Lutz acknowledged the unsustainable nature of the situation and the need for a more sustainable monetary policy.

Find Michael here: pentoport.com

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: inflation.cafe

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