We sat down with Gwen Preston, newly named VP of Investor Relations at West Red Lake Gold Mines (🇺🇸WRLGF -- 🇨🇦WRLG), for a sponsor update. Formerly known as the Resource Maven, Gwen shared her decision to transition from a decade-long leading resource newsletter publisher to her recent appointment to the WRLG management team. After a visit to the Madsen mine, her reservations about the company quickly turned to extreme optimism . She witnessed firsthand CEO Shane Williams’s highly capable team and their efforts to correct and profit from Madsen’s past owner’s miscalculations.

The key is WLRG's focus on the "golden runway" of production by mid-2025. 2024 will lay the ground work for the mid-2025 mine restart.

In a recent oversubscribed offering, WRLG raised C$33 million and now has the financial wherewithal to implement its plan. In addition, Gwen shared a big surprise, they found thousands of gold ounces hidden in the mill’s nooks and crannies, due to prior management's practices. While the restart is priority one, WRLG continues its drill program and recent results have only reaffirmed their initial purchase decision. If drill results continue their trend, Madsen will be producing for many years ahead.

Company website https://WestRedLakeGold.com

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Financial professional Chad Olivier discussed his optimistic outlook on market trends, emphasizing the importance of sound financial planning and investing in companies with high growth and low debt. He addressed concerns about inflation, commercial real estate shifts, and the banking crisis, highlighting the need for clients to understand their risk tolerance and adjust their portfolios accordingly. The conversation also delved into the Federal Reserve's strategy regarding rate adjustments and its potential effects on the market, as well as the potential risks and benefits of long-term CDs, AI stocks, cryptocurrencies, and precious metals as a hedge in investment portfolios. They also discussed the potential impact of the upcoming election on the financial markets and provided information on how to connect with financial planning services.

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