Fury Gold Mines’ CEO Tim Clark, and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) gave us the latest sponsor update on the Eau Claire and Percival deposits. The resource estimate increased significantly: a 36% rise in measured and Indicated gold ounces and a 45% increase in inferred gold ounces at the Eau Claire deposit. Bryan explained the conservative methodologies used in these estimates and the vast potential for new discoveries within their expansive land package.

They detailed Fury's future exploration strategy, including their focus on uncovering new gold deposits and a return to exploring Nunavut. Tim laid out his strategic plan for upcoming survey and geochemical projects, emphasizing how these efforts could lead to a re-rating and increase in the company's market value.

Our discussion also covered the geological dynamics at play, including the steepening of vein geometries at Eau Claire and what this means for future efforts. With the Eau Claire and Percival deposits remaining open for expansion, they expressed their optimism about Fury's positioning and growth potential in the current market. Of course, $2400 gold is the topic of the day and its positive effect on Fury’s economics, which keep getting brighter. With over $54 million in Dolly Vardon Silver shares and $5 million in the treasury, Fury’s enterprise value represents a steep discount, especially when considering ounces in the ground, which is why we continue to hold shares.

Company Website: https://FuryGoldMines.com

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