Kerry Lutz welcomed Craig Hemke to analyze the recent developments in the precious metals market. Hemke provided insights into the market's breakout before the Fed started to cut rates and emphasized the multiple factors driving the market's performance. They also discussed the potential for a surge in precious metals due to the economy rolling over and the challenges of chart analysis in uncharted territory. Additionally, they anticipated an effort to paint the charts with a double top as a line of defense for banks with short positions, given the all-time high of precious metals.

The conversation also touched on the potential implications of economic indicators and monetary policy on the gold market. They cautioned against the excitement in the sector and highlighted the potential impact of exploding debt and a weak banking sector on the economy and gold prices. Additionally, they discussed the historical significance of gold as a currency anchor and the cyclical nature of economic trends, emphasizing the interconnectedness of wars, bubbles, and inflation. The conversation concluded with a reference to Craig's website,, for further information.

Find Craig here: TF Metals Report

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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