Kerry Lutz and Phillip Streible discussed a range of economic topics. They began by discussing the potential for Fed rate cuts, with Streible suggesting that they may be postponed until the end of the year due to inflation, political considerations, and external economic factors. Lutz expressed apprehension about the potential impact on the markets and questioned whether the Fed's actions may be inadequate in light of current economic indicators. The conversation also touched on the upcoming June meeting, inflation data, and the challenges posed by high interest rates and their impact on consumer behavior and the housing market.

The discussion then shifted to the dynamics of the gold market, with Streible attributing its current level to pre-positioning for Fed interest rate cuts and China's substantial purchases of precious metals. Lutz expressed skepticism about experts' surprise at higher-than-expected inflation numbers and questioned their awareness of market trends. The speakers also discussed the widespread impact of rising cocoa prices and inflation on consumer expenses, emphasizing the trickle effect on input and labor costs, particularly in the food industry, leading to higher dining out expenses and the likelihood of the Fed revising its inflation target. Finally, they discussed the potential economic implications of the upcoming election, forecasting market volatility and discussing the impact of fiscal spending.

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