Kerry Lutz and David Erfle discussed the recent surge in gold and silver prices, exploring the potential for junior miners to follow this trend. They also analyzed the technical confirmation of a breakout in silver, signaling a bullish outlook for the sector. The conversation delved into the outperformance of the silver junior ETF, the relative strength of silver compared to gold, and the decreasing gold-silver ratio, all pointing towards a full-blown bull market in the precious metals. They also discussed the impact of Asian and Indian demand, geopolitical instability, rising debt, inflation, and potential stock market corrections on the precious metals market, providing valuable insights for investors.

The discussion also focused on the gold mining sector, with David Erfle analyzing Newmont's outstanding Q1 results and the potential for a strong Q2. He emphasized the significance of these results in attracting attention from fund managers and investors, especially as gold prices continue to rise. Additionally, they discussed the impact of oil prices on mining costs and the potential for a significant earnings spike in the sector. The conversation also delved into the Junior Miner Junkie subscription service, with David providing a comprehensive overview of the service's offerings, emphasizing the transparency of his trades, macro analysis, and coverage of recommended stocks and top news stories in the precious metals sector.

Find David here:

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Kerry Lutz and Ross Givens discussed the controversial practice of insider trading by members of Congress, highlighting specific instances where politicians have used privileged information for personal financial gain. They also talked about the Stock Act, which requires politicians to disclose their stock trades with a 45-day lag time, and the challenges and opportunities of tracking corporate insiders for successful stock trading. Ross Givens presented insider buying as a successful strategy for stock investments, emphasizing the importance of identifying clusters of insider buying and sharing examples of stocks that saw substantial gains following significant insider purchases. The discussion underscored the ethical and legal implications of leveraging insider information for trading and emphasized the importance of transparency and equal access to information in the stock market.

Find Ross here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here: 

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Kerry Lutz and Lobo Tiggre discussed the economic developments in Argentina and Mexico. They highlighted the positive changes in Argentina due to the current administration's measures to reduce government spending and regulations, resulting in a decrease in inflation and potential investment opportunities. However, they expressed concerns about the economic trajectory of Mexico, particularly in light of potential restrictions on mining activities and associated investment risks.

The conversation also touched on the impact of inflation on consumer behavior, particularly among the younger demographic, and the potential for a significant shift in economic and voting behavior. Lobo Tiggre also discussed the factors contributing to the potential increase in gold and silver prices, including economic scenarios, central bank buying, and geopolitical tensions.

Find Lobo here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Doug Casey discussed a range of topics, including the revolution in Argentina, the real estate market in Argentina and Uruguay, the US political environment, the surging prices of gold and silver, and investment opportunities. They explored the election of an anarcho-capitalist president in Argentina and the country's global significance, as well as the potential impact of a ruling cabal. Doug Casey shared his personal experience of purchasing a large penthouse in Buenos Aires at a fraction of the cost compared to a similar property in New York, and suggested Uruguay as an attractive option for individuals seeking waterfront properties at a more affordable price compared to the US market.

The discussion also delved into the US political environment, with Kerry and Doug exploring Trump's potential approach to the presidency, the deep divide between Republicans and Democrats, and the potential for election manipulation. They expressed concerns about the impact of this polarization and predicted the Democrats' victory in the upcoming election. Additionally, they discussed the surging prices of gold and silver, with Doug expressing his strong belief in the continued upward trajectory of gold prices, citing the current global economic situation and substantial money creation as key factors. Finally, they highlighted the potential for growth in energy and mining stocks, particularly given their small market caps and historical underrepresentation in the market.

Visit Doug @

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Kerry Lutz and Alan Hibbard discussed the current state of the precious metals market and investment strategies. Alan shared his investment portfolio, which includes gold, silver, and Bitcoin, and discussed his long-term investment approach. They also talked about the potential impact of inflation on real estate and other asset classes, comparing the historical performance of real estate and gold during inflationary periods.

The conversation also touched on the potential impact of inflation on debt repayment and the implications for the government and banking sector. Lastly, they explored the possibility of budget cuts and stabilization efforts in the US, expressing skepticism about the feasibility of such drastic measures due to political and structural disparities.

Find Alan here:

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Kerry Lutz and Michael Arries discussed the recent surge in gold and silver prices, attributing it to economic factors such as inflation, political uncertainty, and lack of faith in fiat currency. They predicted that the precious metals would continue to rise in value, with the possibility of gold reaching $10,000-$15,000 an ounce and silver reaching $300-$500 an ounce. The speakers emphasized the significance of the current market conditions in driving the surge and the importance of staying attuned to market trends for portfolio growth. They also explored the historical performance and potential future outlook of gold and silver investments, including the optimal allocation of investments based on the Dow to gold ratio and strategies for capturing gains in free ounces of gold.

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Kerry Lutz and Ted Thatcher discussed the concept of "sticky" inflation and its impact on Fed policy. They analyzed the transition from transitory to sticky inflation and the evolving methodologies for calculating inflation. The conversation also touched on the political pressure on the Fed to cut rates, the widening gap between Wall Street and Main Street, and the potential challenges for the average American if inflation continues to rise while job growth slows.

They also explored the likelihood of a market "melt up" and the potential consequences for the banking sector. Overall, the meeting provided a nuanced exploration of the complex economic landscape.

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Kerry Lutz and Hurley Fox discussed the advantages and challenges of outsourcing the CFO role for small businesses. They highlighted the impact of technology on remote CFO services and the importance of having trained personnel at the client's location. The speakers emphasized the need for proper accounting procedures and the challenges small businesses face in maintaining clean accounting records.

Hurley Fox provided a comprehensive overview of the onboarding process, emphasizing the critical role of accurate accounting and data integrity. He shared insights into the cost savings and value his clients receive from his services, emphasizing the significance of cash flow to business owners. The speakers also discussed the frequency of meetings with clients and how these meetings aid in analyzing financial data to drive business growth.

Direct download: Hurley_Fox_0820.May.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Eddy Gifford discussed the recent drop in Consumer Confidence numbers and the impact of inflation on individuals, highlighting the anger and dissatisfaction it's causing. They also touched on the low satisfaction rate with the current administration and the impact of inflation on interest rates and the Fed's actions. Eddy Gifford raised concerns about the potential risks associated with the stock market's prolonged highs and emphasized the need for a trader's mentality and diversification into alternative investments.

The potential of precious metals and cryptocurrencies as hedges against mistrust and supply and demand stories was also explored. The conversation concluded with a focus on the flexibility and nimbleness required in investment planning to take advantage of the current market conditions.

Find Eddy here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and hereL


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Fury Gold Mines’ CEO Tim Clark, and Exploration SVP Bryan Atkinson (🇺🇸FURY -- 🇨🇦FURY) gave us the latest sponsor update on the Eau Claire and Percival deposits. The resource estimate increased significantly: a 36% rise in measured and Indicated gold ounces and a 45% increase in inferred gold ounces at the Eau Claire deposit. Bryan explained the conservative methodologies used in these estimates and the vast potential for new discoveries within their expansive land package.

They detailed Fury's future exploration strategy, including their focus on uncovering new gold deposits and a return to exploring Nunavut. Tim laid out his strategic plan for upcoming survey and geochemical projects, emphasizing how these efforts could lead to a re-rating and increase in the company's market value.

Our discussion also covered the geological dynamics at play, including the steepening of vein geometries at Eau Claire and what this means for future efforts. With the Eau Claire and Percival deposits remaining open for expansion, they expressed their optimism about Fury's positioning and growth potential in the current market. Of course, $2400 gold is the topic of the day and its positive effect on Fury’s economics, which keep getting brighter. With over $54 million in Dolly Vardon Silver shares and $5 million in the treasury, Fury’s enterprise value represents a steep discount, especially when considering ounces in the ground, which is why we continue to hold shares.

Company Website:

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Ed Siddell breaks down the recent market rebound in May following a challenging April. He discusses how Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's assurances regarding stable interest rates have temporarily alleviated market fears, contributing to the rebound. However, Siddell points out a significant disconnect between Powell’s optimistic projections and the prevailing economic data indicating stagflation—a scenario combining stagnant economic growth with inflation.

Siddell highlights several key indicators that contradict the Federal Reserve's narrative:

  • ISM Manufacturing Index: Expected at 52 but came in at 49.2, signaling economic contraction despite rising prices.
  • PMI Numbers: Anticipated to be between 43.2 and 45, they dramatically fell to 37.9, further evidencing economic slowdown.
  • Consumer Confidence: Dropped from 104.7 to 97, indicating growing consumer concerns.
  • Consumer Sentiment: Forecasted to be between 77 and 79, but recorded just below 68, revealing significant pessimism among the public.
  • Producer Price Index (PPI): Continues to show persistent inflation, defying expectations for a reduction to 2%.

Siddell forecasts that Powell might initiate a phase of monetary easing followed by rate cuts as the election approaches, aiming to manage the economic strain. He critiques the Federal Reserve's past misjudgments on inflation and stagflation, suggesting that a reevaluation of their current stance is crucial.

Find Ed here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz welcomed Craig Hemke to analyze the recent developments in the precious metals market. Hemke provided insights into the market's breakout before the Fed started to cut rates and emphasized the multiple factors driving the market's performance. They also discussed the potential for a surge in precious metals due to the economy rolling over and the challenges of chart analysis in uncharted territory. Additionally, they anticipated an effort to paint the charts with a double top as a line of defense for banks with short positions, given the all-time high of precious metals.

The conversation also touched on the potential implications of economic indicators and monetary policy on the gold market. They cautioned against the excitement in the sector and highlighted the potential impact of exploding debt and a weak banking sector on the economy and gold prices. Additionally, they discussed the historical significance of gold as a currency anchor and the cyclical nature of economic trends, emphasizing the interconnectedness of wars, bubbles, and inflation. The conversation concluded with a reference to Craig's website,, for further information.

Find Craig here: TF Metals Report

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Financial expert David Stryzewski analyzes the alarming trends revealed in April’s Producer Price Index (PPI) report. The PPI has risen by 0.5%, signaling persistent and escalating inflationary pressures, a sharp contrast to the previous month's 0.1% decline. This marks the first instance since April 2022 that PPI inflation has risen for three consecutive months, showcasing a trend of sticky inflation.

David explains that the year-over-year rise in wholesale costs, which accelerated to 2.2%, points to a future where inflation could significantly overshoot the Federal Reserve's 2% target. The big picture suggests a troubling scenario: inflation is stubbornly high, and the Federal Reserve appears to be losing its battle against it. David warns of the Federal Reserve’s potential move to cut rates to prevent a banking crisis, amidst conditions where "higher for longer" interest rate policies seem increasingly likely.

The discussion also covers the broader impacts of these economic policies, including the significant strain on real estate and small community banks, which are vital for financing small businesses. David highlights the serious implications of rising interest rates on sectors heavily dependent on lending and the potential for recurring bank failures, as indicated by billionaire investor Barry Sternlicht.

Tune in to understand the complexities of the current economic environment, where stagflation is not just a possibility but a growing reality, and explore the difficult choices facing policymakers in this critical juncture.

Find David here:

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Kerry Lutz and Phillip Streible discussed a range of economic topics. They began by discussing the potential for Fed rate cuts, with Streible suggesting that they may be postponed until the end of the year due to inflation, political considerations, and external economic factors. Lutz expressed apprehension about the potential impact on the markets and questioned whether the Fed's actions may be inadequate in light of current economic indicators. The conversation also touched on the upcoming June meeting, inflation data, and the challenges posed by high interest rates and their impact on consumer behavior and the housing market.

The discussion then shifted to the dynamics of the gold market, with Streible attributing its current level to pre-positioning for Fed interest rate cuts and China's substantial purchases of precious metals. Lutz expressed skepticism about experts' surprise at higher-than-expected inflation numbers and questioned their awareness of market trends. The speakers also discussed the widespread impact of rising cocoa prices and inflation on consumer expenses, emphasizing the trickle effect on input and labor costs, particularly in the food industry, leading to higher dining out expenses and the likelihood of the Fed revising its inflation target. Finally, they discussed the potential economic implications of the upcoming election, forecasting market volatility and discussing the impact of fiscal spending.

Find Phillip here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Andrew Einhorn of LevelFields discussed the impact of AI on investment practices, highlighting the system's ability to track and analyze events from thousands of documents per minute to provide forecasts and alerts. The conversation also covers the system's insights on Tesla and the broader perspective it provides for investors. Andrew emphasizes the importance of recognizing discrepancies in prices and earnings to identify opportunities in the market, using examples from the coal and fertilizer industries, defense contracting, and undervalued companies like Giga Cloud and Celsius. He provides an overview of the LevelFields platform, emphasizing its user-friendly approach to investing and the potential for short-term and long-term gains through different investment strategies.

Visit their site @

Direct download: Andrew_Einhorn_09.May.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino delve into pressing economic issues, predicting a looming crisis driven by rising mortgage rates and increasing retail store closures. They argue the necessity for significant government intervention, similar to the pandemic-era stimulus measures, to mitigate the economic downturn. The conversation also explores the unique challenges facing retailers, especially in California, where lax laws on shoplifting complicate business operations. Additionally, they discuss the controversial "weaponization" of the criminal justice system, suggesting its impact on social order and business environment. Rubino and Lutz propose radical ideas for government restructuring, such as firing government employees in alphabetical order and maintaining only essential workers during crises. They emphasize the importance of essential services, including police, road maintenance, and waste management, referencing similar strategies from Argentina and El Salvador. Political dynamics also take center stage as they speculate on potential vice presidential candidates for Donald Trump, particularly focusing on Ron DeSantis. They consider how political issues, notably abortion, could influence upcoming elections.

Find John's work here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz was joined by CEO Ivan Bebek of Coppernico Metals for a dive deep into the company's ambitious exploration project. From raising over $100 million to the strategic preparations for drilling, Ivan shares the challenges and milestones of Coppernico's journey.

It’s been years in the making but the company has achieved the required community support and now has the necessary permits to begin aggressive drilling at the Sombrero project. As Ivan states, community support must be earned, and the company’s initiatives will carry on long after mining has finished.

There were numerous hurdles along the way, not the least of which were the pandemic related shutdowns. But Coppernico persevered and now drilling and a coveted TSX listing will be happening soon. Ivan also introduced Tim Kingsley, VP of Exploration, highlighting the team's expertise along with the strong funding from major miners. Clearly this is a case of playing the long game, staying focused upon the ultimate goal and never giving up. Coppernico’s prospectivity is impressive and we hold shares in the company.

Company website:

Direct download: 103_Coppernico_FSN.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Elliot Kallen discussed a range of topics, including the influence of AI on businesses, the economic cycle and its potential impact on interest rates, and the potential ramifications of autonomous vehicles on various sectors. They explored the potential disruptions and job losses that AI could bring, particularly in the transportation and writing industries, while also highlighting the positive aspects of AI, such as increased efficiency and convenience. They also discussed the potential impact of AI and Bitcoin mining on energy consumption, emphasizing the significance of these factors for the future of energy utilities.

Kallen presented a contrarian viewpoint on the economic cycle, expressing skepticism about the likelihood of a recession and the anticipated decrease in interest rates. He referenced his previous predictions and suggested that bond prices may experience only a minor softening. The conversation also touched on the potential future of US mail delivery, with Kallen expressing skepticism about the long-term sustainability of the US Postal Service and advocating for government downsizing. Overall, the conversation delved into the uncertainty surrounding the current economic climate and its potential implications for interest rates and bond prices, as well as the potential impact of AI and autonomous vehicles on various sectors.

Find Elliot here: ProsperityFinancialGroup 

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Aaron Clements discussed the digital nomad lifestyle, highlighting its advantages and challenges. They talked about the freedom and independence it offers, as well as the potential loneliness and need for adaptability. Aaron provided valuable advice for those considering this lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of pursuing work that aligns with their passions and understanding their essential needs while traveling. He also promoted his book, "From Desk to Destination," which provides a comprehensive guide for transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle, including practical tips, mindset strategies, and insights on maximizing resources and opportunities.

Find Aarons book here: From Desk to Destination

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz interviewed Mark Miller about his book, "The Tax-Free Business Owner," which offers over 130 tax mitigation strategies. Miller emphasized the importance of proactive planning to reduce taxes and highlighted the need for formalized tax plans and working towards a zero tax bracket. The conversation also covered the significance of trusts and wealth strategies in minimizing taxes and building wealth, as well as the importance of estate planning and utilizing advanced investing strategies from the Hilton True Wealth portfolios. Miller also shared information about an upcoming book that will delve into the advanced investing strategies utilized by the Hiltons.

Find Mark here:

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Jeremy Lessaris discussed cost reduction in credit card processing. Lessaris explained his method of using machine learning to assess the profitability of current processors and negotiate lower fees without requiring businesses to switch processors. He emphasized the importance of regularly reviewing processing statements as pricing can change unpredictably.

The conversation also delved into the intricacies of credit card processing fees, the predatory practices of companies, and the potential for alternative payment methods like cryptocurrencies and ACH transactions to offer solutions to these challenges. was mentioned as a resource for further information on these topics.

Find Jeremy here:

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Kerry Lutz and Ron Koenigsberg discussed various topics related to personal and business growth. They talked about the evolving real estate market and the importance of effective sales skills, emphasizing the significance of active listening, positive thinking, and enthusiasm. The conversation also touched on overcoming fear, particularly the fear of failure and public speaking, and the challenges of managing text messages. The speakers shared personal experiences and insights, highlighting the relevance of communication, resilience, and personal growth in achieving success in various aspects of life and business.

Find Ron here: aipcommercialrealestate

Find Kerry here: FSN and here:

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Kerry Lutz and Morgan Lerette discussed various topics related to the challenges and complexities of military engagements in Iraq. They explored Lerette's experiences as a mercenary, the difficulties of nation-building, the challenges of providing support in a self-interested environment, and the historical and contemporary role of private military contractors. The conversation shed light on the lack of coordination between different agencies, the limitations of General Petraeus' strategy, and the difficulties of instilling democratic values in societies where tribal loyalty takes precedence. They also discussed the potential impact of private military contractors on political decision-making and the need for greater scrutiny and regulation in this area.

Direct download: Morgan_Lerette_29.Apr.24.mp3
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Kerry Lutz and Mindy McIntosh discussed the implications of the 1.6% annual GDP growth in the first quarter, including the potential effects of rate cuts on mortgage interest rates and CD rates. They also highlighted the importance of consumers having a well-diversified financial plan to combat the erosion of purchasing power due to inflation. The discussion also touched on concerns about the sustainability of the current economic path and the need for a wake-up call to pull back from the brink.

In a separate discussion, they talked about the long-term implications of AI on the economy, emphasizing the need for thoughtful investment strategies and caution against knee-jerk reactions. They also discussed the potential impact of AI on personal interactions and communities, while highlighting the importance of maintaining a balance between technological advancements and human-driven experiences.

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