• Bitcoin Breakthrough: Kerry and John discuss Bitcoin breaking the $50,000 mark and the role of ETFs in this dynamic.
  • Rising Interest Rates: An in-depth look at how increasing mortgage rates are affecting housing affordability and the market at large.
  • Stock Market Strategies: The complexities of shorting stocks, including high option premiums and finding optimal entry points.
  • CRE Meltdown: Insights into the ongoing commercial real estate crisis and its broader economic implications.
  • Policy and Power: A speculative conversation on potential extreme measures by the current administration to maintain control.
  • Legal and Immigration Policies: Discussing the Supreme Court's decisions and the Texas governor's actions regarding border security.
  • Inflation's Impact: How rising costs are affecting everyday expenses and the importance of educating the public on these issues.
  • Global Economic Concerns: The potential global crisis stemming from European banks' exposure to US commercial real estate.

Join us for a deep dive into these topics and more, as Kerry and John share their expertise and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing us today. Whether you're interested in finance, policy, or the broader socio-economic landscape, this discussion offers valuable insights into the complexities of our current global situation.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Read John's work @ https://Rubino.Substack.com

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