In this fascinating episode, Kerry Lutz engages with Ben Lightburn, CEO of Filament Health, to unravel the complex world of psychedelics and their therapeutic potential. Ben provides an in-depth look at the mechanisms of psychedelics, focusing on the predominant theory of serotonin receptor agonists and their transformative impact on mental health.

The discussion takes a critical turn as they explore the ethical dimensions of placebo-controlled studies in psychedelic research, acknowledging the potential for challenging experiences during therapy sessions. Kerry probes into the financial health and future of Filament Health, prompting Ben to shed light on the company's drug development journey and lucrative licensing agreements.

A significant part of the conversation is devoted to microdosing psychedelics, examining both its benefits and the research hurdles it faces. Furthermore, Ben and Kerry delve into the therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis and psychedelics, providing insights into their historical context and the changing attitudes within the medical and regulatory landscapes.

This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the evolving role of psychedelics in modern medicine and therapy. Tune in for a comprehensive understanding of these substances and the innovative work Filament Health is doing in this field.

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