Kerry Lutz interviewed Whitney Elkins-Hutten about her journey in real estate. Whitney shared her experience of purchasing her first property after a breakup, the challenges she faced in renovating and selling it, and the financial gains she unexpectedly achieved. She emphasized the shift in her mindset towards creating value and generating income independently of her day job, leading her to transition into buy and hold real estate for long-term financial growth. Whitney also discussed her book "Money for Tomorrow," outlining her personal journey in real estate and the evolution of her investment strategies.

She stressed the significance of understanding the overarching strategy and rules of the wealth game, beyond just focusing on tactics. Kerry and Whitney engaged in a lively conversation about their real estate journeys, sharing humorous anecdotes and emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and the ability to adapt to challenges. Whitney also provided details about her upcoming book and how to connect with her for further insights into building generational wealth.

Visit Whitney's site @Whitney Elkins-HuttenPassiveInvesting.com

Purchase her book @

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