In this enlightening interview, Kerry Lutz sits down with Chase Harmer to discuss an innovative approach to charitable giving. Chase Harmer introduces his groundbreaking platform designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in donations. This episode dives into how the platform transforms donations into virtual credit cards, granting donors a clear view of where their money is utilized and offering immediate access to funds for those in need.

The discussion delves into the platform's unique shopping portal feature, which allows recipients to spend funds at major retailers. This system provides donors with full reconciliation, enabling them to see the direct impact of their contributions. Kerry and Chase highlight the vital role of transparency in building trust and confidence among donors, especially considering the benefits for smaller charities in raising funds more effectively.

Kerry Lutz expresses a keen interest in this innovative approach to charitable giving and encourages listeners to delve deeper into the concept. Check out the show notes for more details on this revolutionary platform that promises to change the face of charitable donations. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this video for more insightful conversations on financial and philanthropic innovations.

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