Kerry Lutz interviews Michael Moor, a technical analyst, about his analysis of the markets based on price action. Mike shares his charts and projections for the S&P, which he sends to his clients every morning. He believes the market is still bullish and could potentially reach 46,333.50 before a correction. Mike also discusses potential exhaustion levels and areas of concern for the market, including the possibility of a rollover if the market settles below 46,333.50 for a couple of days.

Mike provides a detailed technical analysis of gold and natural gas, highlighting key levels and trends. He warns of the possibility of a bearish correction in gold and notes the low volatility in natural gas, which affects trading. Kerry asks questions and seeks clarification on certain points, including the potential bullish indicator of gold staying over $2000 for a record amount of time.

Mike and Kerry also discuss the merits of technical analysis versus fundamental analysis in predicting market moves. Mike argues that technical analysis is more effective because it reveals market trends earlier than fundamental analysis. They also engage in a lighthearted discussion about the terms "trending" and "tron" and their historical significance in the stock market and commodities exchange.

The conversation highlights the evolution of trading practices and the impact of technology on the industry. Mike provides specific trade levels and projections for various markets, including crude oil and Bitcoin, and emphasizes the importance of watching the market around key levels to determine the next significant move.

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