Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed a range of topics. They talked about the changing landscape of private sector unions and their ability to strike for higher wages, as well as the potential for inflation due to wage increases. They suggested that companies should offer stock options to employees as a way to align their interests with management and moderate demands.

The speakers also discussed the potential for wage inflation to spook the Fed into staying tighter for longer and the impact of rising interest rates in Japan on the country's budget. They also touched on the negative effects of higher interest rates on banks and the majority of the population who rely on cheap debt.

The conversation then shifted to the profitability of lifestyle diseases for various industries, including Big Pharma, Big Food, and the government. They discussed the causes of the obesity epidemic and how it has led to the creation of drugs resulting in a gold rush for pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, they mentioned the profitability of chemotherapy and the lack of correlation between its usage and efficacy, and suggested that a results-based payment system could be more effective.

The speakers also discussed the potential sinister motives behind Bill Gates' funding of tree burying to sequester carbon, questioning why old trees are being cut down and buried instead of being left to take carbon out of the air. Finally, they analyzed the 5th Circuit ruling against government sponsorship and censoring of Big Tech, which partially affirmed Judge Darry Dowd's ruling and stated that the US government is violating the 1st Amendment.

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