We sat down with renowned cycle investor Charles Nenner for an update. He sees the BRICS currency taking off and the dollar going much lower over time. He's negative on stock markets but concedes there could be another bounce. Gold/Silver are looking at lows but will rebound and gain ground by years end. Much, much more to this long awaited interview. 

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Kerry Lutz discuss the reasons behind China's economic implosion, including huge borrowing, debt bubbles, malinvestment, and an exploitative mercantilist model. They also touch on corruption in China and how it affects business practices, as well as the unreliability of Chinese statistics. Lutz provides a detailed critique of China's infrastructure and response to natural disasters, including the lack of warning and destruction of property.

He also discusses the collapse of the housing market, the perils of the banking industry, and the potential for mass unemployment. Lutz predicts that China's impending collapse will have a significant impact on the global economy, particularly on the production of electronics, medications, and building materials. He warns that the consequences of China's collapse will be far worse than the Great Depression, and that it all depends on whether the transition in China is peaceful or violent.

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Andy joins us for a wide ranging discussion of the current downward pattern of the world's reserve currency, the US Dollar. The Brics nations are moving forward with a so-called gold-backed currency. Do they have what it takes to supplant the mighty Buck? Andy thinks yes, what's your opinion?

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