Kerry Lutz interviewed Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, CEO of Leadin Private Wealth, about their flagship product of issuing dollar loans backed by bitcoin collateral and their other offerings in the crypto space. Mauricio explained the benefits of their product, including maintaining ownership of bitcoin while getting the dollars needed without creating a taxable event. He also discussed the transparency measures Leadin takes to ensure the safety of client assets and the ease of setting up an account.

Additionally, Mauricio talked about the demand for their product and the concentration of flows back to Leadin after competitors who acted recklessly went under. Finally, he touched on the impact of digital assets on financial inclusion and the ability to connect people to higher quality services in remote locations.

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In the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviews Brent Bowers about his successful land investment business, which involves buying and selling land, improving the process, and offering seller financing. Brent shares his investment strategies, including going after bigger and more expensive parcels and building passive income through seller financing. They discuss the impact of interest rates on the business and how it has created more opportunities for them.

Brent provides a detailed overview of his process for finding and analyzing land deals, emphasizing the importance of working with knowledgeable real estate agents. They also discuss the potential for investing in land, with Bowers sharing his experience of buying and selling parcels of land for profit. Finally, Brent shares his tips and strategies for real estate investing, advising beginners to start investing in their own backyard before expanding and suggesting investing in trending states like Alabama and Texas.

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