Kerry Lutz and Robert Kientz discussed the banking crisis and deposit gap caused by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, leading to an outflow of almost a trillion dollars from large commercial banks and several hundred billions from small commercial banks. They expressed concerns about the potential for wholesale defaults and policymakers' ability to recognize the issue and take action to help shore up the banks' balance sheets. The speakers also discussed the possibility of bailouts taking place behind the scenes and the challenges of the FDIC's limited coverage for deposits. They questioned whether the policy-making tools will be strong enough to prevent a downward spiral and maintain consumer confidence, and expressed uncertainty about the future of the banking system.

Kerry Lutz and Robert Kientz also discussed the economic benefits of living in low tax states like Florida and Texas, which have a business-friendly climate and booming real estate markets. They compared these states to high tech states with misguided policies, such as California and New York, where real estate prices are negatively impacted by high taxes. The booming real estate market in low tax states has led to positive growth and increased tax receipts, but has also caused stress for those with lower incomes due to rising rents and home prices. Despite these challenges, Kerry and Robert agreed that low tax states are generally doing much better than high tech states in terms of economic growth and prosperity.

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