Martin Turenne, CEO of FPX Nickel (🇺🇸FPOCF -- 🇨🇦FPX) provided a sponsor update. The company is currently sitting on C$32 million with a good likelihood of more coming. C$16 million came in via an investment by giant European stainless producer Outokumpu. An additional C$2 million arrived via FPX’s confidential investor, to maintain its %9.9 FPX share.

Martin also discussed the significance of FPX’s newly formed global generative exploration alliance with Japan Organization for Metals and Security (“JOGMEC”), which aims to build on the successes of the Baptiste Nickel Project by identifying new large-scale awaruite nickel deposits worldwide. In furtherance of this agreement, Keith Patterson joined as VP of Exploration. He’s a seasoned mining company executive with vast exploration experience.

Martin had previously scoured the planet looking for awaruite deposits similar to Baptiste. These deposits are found in many countries; Martin has already identified the most promising targets for future acquisition. Now that FPX has proven that awaruite deposits are economically feasible, these projects have enormous upside potential.

FPX’s future is looking bright. Retail investors are starting to catch on as witnessed by the recent share appreciation. Interest among OEM’s and other nickel consumers is building. The company is moving to release its preliminary feasibility statement in September and this could well spark an explosive phase in the company’s growth.

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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviewed Kevin Jefferson, a seasoned forex trading pro, who shared his success secret and how anyone can do forex trading and earn passive income. Jefferson's company, FM Trades Com, presented their passive cash flow creation system, which involves using prop trading firm capital and FMTrades' expertise as a trader to build cash flow for members without them having to invest their own capital or do the work themselves. Members pay an annual membership fee of $15,000 and receive about $6,000 to $7,000 a month in passive cash flow, with the goal of earning $50,000 to $60,000 a month in 18 to 24 months. FMTrades also discussed his trading philosophy and approach, where he is agnostic about the market and only looks for opportunities, trades only the British pound versus the Japanese yen, and is a discretionary trader who believes that the human element is important in trading.

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