During the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviewed Joseph Gradante, the Founder of Allio Finance, about the company's mission to democratize access to sophisticated investing strategies. Alio Finance uses an AI-powered investment engine that utilizes machine learning and future forecasting to optimize portfolios, providing users with a flexible and affordable investment experience. The interview covered the technology behind the engine, the cost to users, and the potential impact on the market, as well as the importance of financial literacy and taking ownership of one's financial future.


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Economic historian extraordinaire is with us today to explain the credit bust, where it's heading, where we're going, and put it in historical perspective as well. As Bob explains, this credit/economic bust is just like all the others, only potentially much worse. This is great news for the US Dollar and eventually gold. But it's bad news for tech stocks and the rest of the economy. Bob believes that this ultimate credit bust will lead the world to head back to a gold stand and that's a good thing. Gone will be the days of financial engineering by the world's inept conflicted and compromised central bankers. Sound money is just a digital printing press away. 

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