Esther Kuznetz and Kerry Lutz discussed financial health, which Esther defined as not having to worry about bills and having money in the bank for emergencies. They discussed how to measure financial health and how Esther helps her clients build their financial health. They also discussed how some people are in denial about their financial situation and how living beneath your means is the best way to build wealth.

Esther Kuznetz advises her clients to live beneath their means and save money for the future. She also warns against taking money out of 401Ks and suggests investing in stocks and bonds. She recommends being careful when investing and to look out for banks that may be at risk of collapse. Finally, she invites listeners to visit her website for more information.


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Joryn Jenkins is an attorney who specializes in family law and matrimonial law. She works to change the traditional system of divorce, which can be financially devastating, by advocating for collaborative divorce. She recounts a story of a client who spent over $250,000 in five years on legal fees and appeals, and emphasizes the importance of settling disputes to avoid litigation.

Joryn Jenkins and Kerry Lutz discussed the difficulties of litigation and the benefits of mediation and collaboration in resolving disputes. They also discussed the importance of finding a middle ground and the need for strong judges to help reduce the backlog of cases. They also discussed the importance of distressing people during the process and the need to remember happier times.

  • Changing the System of Divorce
  • The collaborative process of resolving disputes
  • Avoiding Litigation in Divorce Cases
  • The backlog of cases in the legal system

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