Chris Vermeulen of Technical Trader Ltd. believes that the banking crisis is leading to dark times in the financial markets, with banking stocks collapsing and people moving their money into physical metals like gold and silver. He suggests that people invest in physical metals for long-term security, and that gold and silver could skyrocket if the banking system collapses and people lose trust in paper money.

Technical Trader Ltd. believes that a stage four decline is coming soon, which could pull precious metals down, but if gold and silver break out of their current resistance levels, they could experience a multi-year rally with huge returns. He recommends having both gold and silver as part of an investment portfolio to maximize potential returns.

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Paul Oster and Kerry Lutz discussed new scams and a new rule implemented by the current administration that will penalize creditworthy home buyers and reward dead beats. They discussed skimmers, shimmers, and cameras that are used to steal data from credit cards. They also discussed a proposal that will penalize creditworthy borrowers who are seeking FHA or federally backed mortgages. Paul suggested building new accounts and paying down credit card debt to raise credit scores.

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