Dan Calandro suggests that anyone can make money on Wall Street without a broker by following his 15-stock portfolio strategy outlined in his book, "Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money". He explains that the portfolio is designed to outperform the market averages with less risk, and that it is comprised of stocks from the consumer staples and services industries.

Dan Calandro discussed his investment strategy of making decisions based on personal preferences and his example of replacing Exxon with The Southern Company. He also discussed the benefits of investing in electric utilities, particularly in the Southeast and Southwest, and recommended his book "Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money" which can be downloaded at:

Lose Your Broker


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Kerry Lutz and Dennis Tubbergen discussed the upcoming recession and the implications of the Fed's actions. They concluded that the trend of inflation will likely lead to a deflationary collapse, and that people should prepare for both inflationary and deflationary environments by investing in tangible assets such as gold and silver, and highly rated corporate bonds.

Kerry Lutz and Dennis Tubbergen discussed the effects of debt on prices and the potential for a harsh return to reality due to debt defaults. They also discussed the importance of taking control of one's own destiny and preparing for inflation and deflation. Lastly, they discussed the need to take precautions such as stocking up on food and silver coins in case of a financial system freeze up.

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