The markets are on a bounce, and yet, layoffs are more plentiful than ever. This is not the beginning of a bull market or an upward shift in economic growth; rather, inflation is disguising the inevitable recession ahead. Here to dispel the confusion and discuss what’s truly happening is Michael Pento, President and Founder of Pinto Portfolio Strategies. Michael emphasizes that real economic growth is shrinking while GDP is going up. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with a better-than-expected number of unemployed individuals, this provides little hope amidst the large-scale layoffs at big corporations. Moreover, the death of inflation has been grossly exaggerated, with the monetization of debt being the root cause of our inflationary circumstance. We still have a long way to go before the Fed pivots, and it’s essential to be on the right side of the cycle for what’s to come. Tune in for more insight.

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Businesses are pushing for their employees to return to the workplace, which has generated a lot of push back amongst workers in numerous fields. Here to discuss this is Carl Gould, who is not surprised at the collective reluctance to go back to the office. For the last two years, people have adjusted to the ‘new normal,’ and the thought of transitioning back can be daunting. Under certain roles and circumstances, some professionals have thrived in the remote atmosphere, but the truth is that company culture is difficult to foster when employees are isolated in their homes. Amidst these difficulties, Carl is hopeful that we will come out of this stronger and better than before, and encourages employers/employees to be transparent with one another about their concerns. Listen in for the full conversation on the future of the workplace.

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