Most working individuals want to retire at some point. In fact, we spend the entirety of our careers contributing to (most likely) the most expensive purchase that we’ll ever make: a retirement fund. How does one make sure that they set aside the right amount of money for retirement, generating enough income to survive off of during the final phase of life? Anthony Saccaro has been a retirement advisor for 23 years, and appears in this episode to talk about what you may not know about preparing for retirement—so that you don’t get hurt later on. He contends that the biggest mistake you can make is not being invested appropriately for the phase of life you’re in. A lot of people neglect to shift their portfolio when they transition phases, and this adjustment can have a massive affect on your retirement fund. Furthermore, it’s important to enlist the help of an advisor that is an income specialist, and to build a fund that is sustainable in any scenario.

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Changes in the economy bring about subsequent changes in the housing market, which have been more prominent than ever in the post-pandemic world. Is it possible that we’ve seen the lows and housing is making a comeback? Texas-based mortgage broker Debbie Bloyd comes on the show to talk about what she is observing in real estate, and it looks as if people are returning to the markets in search of their future home. Interest rate fluctuations and intense bidding wars last year caused many people to put their home purchase on hold, and rent rather than buy. As these leases come to an end, buyers are circling back to the housing market in hopes of finding the property they want at a more reasonable price. Whether or not prices are coming down, however, is still relatively dependent upon the seller. While some need to sell more urgently, others are riding out the storm, set on a very specific price. Tune in for more information on what’s to come in housing.

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