As we start the final month of the year, sentiment is not looking great. The market is indecisive, and employment, confidence, and decisiveness are all intertwined, Edward Siddell comes on the show to discuss what’s in store for 2023, starting with the fact that we are a victim of our own success. We’ve pushed inflation all the way around the world, and the enlarging debt bubble has to pop eventually. Edward advises us to be cautiously optimistic during this time—being meticulous and adopting strategies for the year ahead. Amongst other market uncertainties, one should pay special attention to the energy sector as a solid area of investment for 2023. Tune in for more insight

-They’re not shedding jobs at a record rate yet, but this could change within the first month of the new year
-There were close to 150,000 layoffs last month
-We’re becoming a victim of our own success. We pushed inflation all the way around the world—importing goods and spreading the devaluing dollar
-The debt bubble is inevitably going to pop
-There is a correlation between the race to liquidity and all other consumer debt
-The 22 million jobs we lost over COVID are getting filled in again, so next year we will probably see this number go down
-You need to be cautiously optimistic in times like this. It’s important to be meticulous and have a thorough understanding of what is going on
-Real estate prices are going higher, with lots of regional variation within the US
-People can’t afford the houses that are out there right now, so renting is the more popular option
-Edward suggests investing in the energy sector. Our oil reserves are at the lowest they’ve been since the 80s. As the reserve begins to dwindle, Edward estimates that prices will skyrocket next winter.

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