With all the recent social unrest and demonstrations are taking place in China, it is important to gather perspectives from those that have insight on the entire situation. Asia & Emerging Markets Strategist Carl Delfeld comes on the show to discuss why everything unfolding in this way, emphasizing that China’s primary goal is to preserve the Communist party and reunite Taiwan with their mother country. The overarching concern for America right now is preserving our dynamic stability, and Carl outlines some things to watch out for in the near future.

-Carl Delfeld has a long history in this part of the world
-Growth has been slowing and there is discontent among the private sector in China
-Their healthcare infrastructure is nowhere close to what it needs to be for how densely populated it is
-They have to put the rebellion down before they change the policy
-Everything happening right now is the perfect storm for the communist party
-Their ultimate goal is the preservation of the Communist party
-It’s highly probable that they will tighten rather than loosen
-It could be smart for them to open capital to the private sector; this could be the spark that gets the economy to the 5-6% growth rate that they need
-Reuniting Taiwan with the mother country is a large priority for China. Carl predicts this will happen around 2024 or 2025
-China's leverage over Russia is now almost total, and Russia is going to rely on China to get through this period. Carl believes that China’s real goal is to dominate Eurasia
-We need to take the right steps and preserve America’s dynamic stability

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As we start to think about tax planning, it’s important to plan for asset protection. How do you hold on to your wealth and establish protection? Clint Coons comes on the show to talk about how you can position your assets so that, in the event of a lawsuit, you won’t lose everything. Clint explains how you can use structures and trusts to keep your name hidden from the assets that you own if a creditor runs a search on you. Tune in for more insight and tips from Clint.


-There are lots of attorneys out there, and they bring in revenue by picking up clients with peculiar cases
-Many of Clint’s clients have faced shakedown losses
-Clint shows investors how to position their assets so that, if they get sued, they don’t lose everything.
-If someone is going to come after you
-People are typically focused on high value targets, which are people that have assets
-If someone runs an asset search on you, it’s good to make sure that nothing found puts you at higher risk. You can set up structures and trusts to do this, and to make sure that your structure isn’t attached to your name. Discover what a creditor can see, and take steps to remove your personal information from that database
-When you convert real property to personal property, you no longer have a homestay
-Trust planning makes a lot of sense for privacy and personal protection

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