In these days of declining markets, volatile prices, and elusive capital gains, you need to be thinking about cash flow—especially if you want to retire in the distant future. Mark Falter—founder and President of Mid-American Wealth Advisory Group—has been in this industry for almost 4 decades and shares some insightful advice. In this episode he explains how to spot good opportunities, and the process of creating tolerable risk profiles for clients based on account values and different market variables. Tune in for more of Mark’s informative perspective.

-Mark runs Mid American Wealth Advisory Group and has been in this industry for a long time
-How does he guide people to pick the right cash-flowing opportunities?
-Mark explains that there are lots of good opportunities, which are characterized by good/consistent dividends and good credit strength
-Interest rates will probably not reflect the 0.75 we’ve been seeing
-Inflation is cyclical and tends to carry on for a while
-Prices are going down, and people are changing many habits such as driving frequency
-Natgas hit a high at 998, and pulled back a little bit
-Natgas is showing no signs of backing off any time soon
-Costs for products such as pavement have gone up per square foot due to petroleum
-We discuss how to come up with a tolerable risk profile for a client. It’s important to judge the client’s temperament—paying close attention to their account values
-The key is to get yourself in a position where you don’t necessarily have to sell something when it’s down
-Rates cannot stay at their current level with real estate prices also staying the same

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