With the appearance of inflation getting better and prices going down, is it a safe time for investors? Furthermore, what should you be investing in right now? Matthew Johnson from Johnson Wealth and Income Management comes on the show to talk about this. Growing up with a Father that ran a business himself, Matthew has always been attentive to things like interest, and has noted the way that inflationary effects have shifted over the years. Matthew debunks various misconceptions about the root of the problems, and addresses some of the things to be attentive to going forward.

-The CPI only rose at 8.5%, gas prices are going down…is it a safe time for investors?
-Why is this inflation different from the last?
-Johnson’s Father was a business manager, and he recalls learning about interest at a young age. He has been able to observe the way in which things have changed
-Inflation is not as transitory as people believe. One of the biggest misconceptions about inflation is the Fed being able to drive down demand. In reality, demand is not the problem; there has been little investment in the supply chain, which has been the real culprit of many problems
-There are so many areas besides gasoline that need to be addressed
-Stimulus checks increased the money supply, and the current issues we’re seeing are purely economic
-Matthew works to help people use the money they’ve worked hard to save as income

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