Is the market still going up, or is it going to fall away? I have Andrew Arons on the show to address this topic, in which he is quite optimistic about the future of the markets. This optimism stems from a number of things we can observe right now; earnings are pretty good, and earnings inflation may have peaked. Looking forward, the market could possibly move higher in the next six months, and there are a few key stocks related to rampant consumerism that you should keep your eye on. Tune in for more insight!

-In May, Andrew was calling for a rally—which is happening now. How long is this going to continue?
-Earnings are pretty good; the market was scared about rising interest rates and inflation
-Earnings inflation may have peaked, and all of this is looking good for the market
-The market could also recover from the lows in June
-We’re looking out and seeing where things could be six months from now
-The market could possibly move higher
-There will be some volatility and resistance as we retrace
-Andrew likes stocks such as Amazon, Boeing, and other companies that thrive from lots of consumer spending (i.e. Disney)
-Overall, Andrew is optimistic

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We’re seeing huge signs that the economy is about to roll over—especially with the current commodity prices. John Rubino comes on the show to talk about this, and explains some of the trends that allude to the forthcoming recession. If oil and housing move in a particular direction, then the rest of the economy has to go in this direction as well. People are changing the way that they interact with the market, staying on the cautious side and feeling more inclined to sell. To hear more on what’s to come, be sure to tune in to this episode.

-There is a decent chance that the current quarter is negative, and this will carry us through to the election
-People are starting to save less money with alternative energy (i.e. electric cars)
-We’re in a transition that needs to be managed
-We’re headed into a time of very slow growth, which leads to people being nervous in the market. We could see a lot of big cap being sold, bringing it back down to fair valuation
-Some people would like to see the country divided—people are moving to other states because of their beliefs
-There’s lots of civil unrest in multiple European countries because of farmers being targeted.
-Things are too crazy right now for rational participation

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