Many people go into one career but feel unfulfilled, and go on to find their calling in a different profession. This was the case for Pranay Parikh, who was once strictly involved in the medical field and decided to expand his career to real estate. He addresses how this dual career allows you to shape your medical profession in the way that you want—making passive money through real estate to avoid overworking yourself. Pranay has an equity group devoted to helping physicians earn passive income, so be sure to listen to this episode and check out his website to find out how you can get involved.

-If you’re able to make money outside of medicine, you can craft your medical career into what you want. Most people think that they need to be either all in or all out, which means that a lot of doctors in the industry are overworked
-The nature of practicing medicine in the US has changed dramatically over the last 30 years—it has become very de-personalized, which is a systems issue
-If you make passive money in real estate, you can spend more time with your clients without being concerned about not making money for that extra time
-Doing real estate passively and working with people that help you manage your investments can help you save time while being involved in the industry
-Many factors are influencing this passive income and the industry. A lot of people want to buy a house but are getting priced out

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