If you’re wondering how exactly to get into real estate, you may want to consider the world of wholesaling. I sit down and chat with Grace Mills, who has coached over 300 people on making profits in wholesale real estate. To get into this area of real estate, it’s important to take inventory of your current resources and understanding, and decide what your overall goal is. She also talks about different marketing methods—especially the ones that are overlooked—and which ones can be the most effective. Tune in to hear more of Grace’s knowledge on wholesale real estate.

-We’ve been bullish about real estate. Even though it’s a market like any other, there are housing shortages, demographic trends, and other factors that are unique to real estate
-This episode focuses on wholesale real estate
-Grace initially got into this industry in efforts to pay off some of her student loans
-She started working full time for a real estate investment company
-She had an opportunity to transition into acquisitions, but was more intrigued by helping other people making money
-If you want to get into wholesale real estate, first pinpoint your end goal. Then, consider where you would want to do wholesaling. You can do it in the market you’re in, or do wholesales virtually in a market you’re not in. Third, take inventory of your current understanding and resources
-The best marketing channel is an inbound strategy
-Utilize a marketing channel that has always been out there. A surprisingly effective medium can be the radio
-Direct mailing is still a bit over-saturated
-If you’re always in business to solve a problem, you will stay in business
-Pay attention to the market and pain points that drive people’s decisions
-You need to use marketing to first attract the seller and pitch them a plan for how you will help them. The other piece of your marketing is the disposition—moving the property to an actual buyer
-There are lots of Facebook groups for real estate investors, and these are great places to introduce yourself
-Build a flyer to give people information about a property

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