Gold is getting close to the crucial 1900 range, and will probably break it shortly. Silver and the mining stocks are lagging—what does all of this mean for the markets? I have Michael Moor on the show today to recap previous predictions in the markets, and discuss what has played out since then. Moor expects to see a bearish correction with Bitcoin against the move up, as well as a bearish correction with Crude & Products. Moor gives lots of insight regarding what’s to come across the markets, so be sure to tune in.

-If the market gets damaged below the 1830 area, it could start collapsing again
-Usually, the markets are on top of it when there are indications of war
-Moor expects to see a lot more to the upside with crude oil
-There have been exponential price increases with coal as well as record consumption
-If there’s no global shutdown, all energy is a good bet
-With Bitcoin, we were in a bearish correction against a bullish trend. We might see a lower timeframe bearish correction against the move up, but it will probably head higher
-Ultimately, Gold and Crude & Products look the best; we will probably see a bearish correction with Crude & Products

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