We’re experiencing an inflation rate that hasn’t been this high in 40 years, but this means that it’s also advantageous to own more precious metals, oil, and other commodities. A realm of investment especially worth looking into right now is real estate; home prices are being driven up, and mortgage rates are ultimately pinned down by the interest rate policy. If you can rent your property out and turn it into a source of income, this is highly beneficial in the long run. Tune in for more insight on the markets and tips on how to plan for the future.

-Inflation just hit a near 40 plus year peak
-It hasn’t been this high since 1980
-Understand that the reported inflation rate is never entirely accurate—its reliability has diminished over the years
-It is probably double or more of what the projected government rate is
-It’s getting more advantageous to own precious metals, oil, and other commodities
-Speculating can be dangerous, but so can investing in mining stocks
-Is real estate a good place to be now, or is the market going to collapse? Ultimately, it’s a good investment, even in light of collapse risks
-Mortgage rates are pinned down by the interest rate policy
-Until the government cuts back on credit creation, the inflationary situation will not improve
-Inflation will increase the price of your home
-People are fleeing from the lockdown states to states with looser restrictions
-If you can rent your property out, every dollar that your rent goes up will drive up the value of your property
-If you’re going to buy real estate, location is crucial

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