Interest rates are heading higher and the stock market is heading lower. Is there still hope? I have Avi Gilburt on the show to talk about what is in store for the markets in 2022. We could still have strong inflation and see the stock market go up, but there is also a high chance that rates will start coming down. The Fed may not necessarily follow through with what they have said about raising rates, but we will have to wait and find out as the year progresses.

-Could we have strong inflation and still see the stock market go up? Ultimately, yes, but there is also the potential for rates to start coming down
-The Fed may be backtracking as we move through 2022
-The market isn’t necessarily suggesting that the Fed is going to follow through on its plans
-Market sentiment drives the overall market

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Even in inflationary circumstances, there are many opportunities for big wins. I sit down and chat with Jewel Tankard, who has been mastering some of these opportunities at an incredible rate. We specifically discuss sectors such as real estate and cryptocurrency (NFTs in particular) to unpack some of the benefits of learning about these industries and getting involved. Tune in for more.

-Many people are worried about inflation because prices are noticeably increasing
-Jewel Tankard has been mastering opportunities at an incredible rate
-Times of financial crisis also possess the most opportunity; you can decide whether you win or lose
-Real estate, big pharmaceutical companies, and several other industries performed very well in the midst of dire market conditions
-In real estate, a common conception is that you make money when you buy, but the timing of buying is also crucial
-You typically make the most amount of money when you’re early to the industry
-To make money in the Metaverse, find out where projects are happening; NFTs are very prominent
-With real estate, buy properties in areas where you know there is going to be major development
-The world is changing very rapidly, and we have to be open to listening to ideas about money/patterns
-Being a lifelong learner is crucial
-Knowing when to enter/exit the market is also extremely important

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