Financial coach Omar Medrano comes on the show to talk about how you can invest in yourself, and some of the best things you can do in 2022. One of the greatest decisions you can make is thinking in terms of the present rather than fearing the future of the markets. Tune in to hear more about you can create your own luck and make changes today that will benefit you.

-The best thing you can do over time is invest in yourself; you can make far more money than you will in the market. One of the most valuable things to do is get a coach
-It’s crucial to focus on today. Many people buy high and sell low because they panic—it’s more beneficial to focus on the present
-Invest in yourself, cut back expenses, invest the money that you save, and preserve your mental fortitude
-It’s best to buy when the markets are down
-We create our own luck by working hard and knowing what we want

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Looking for good alternatives to traditional market investments? Faith West comes on the show to talk about NFTs, the growing collection of digital code that that can be purchased and traded. Combining the seriousness of investing with the fun of trading cards and owning art, NFTs allow you to expand your portfolio in a way that appeals to the future of art and investing.

-Great alternatives to market investments can be NFTs
-An NFT is a digital line of code that is purchased, and once this purchase happens, it shows up on a ledger on the blockchain. Everyone can trace the original owner of the art
-They combine the seriousness of investing with the fun of trading cards
-Some NFTs come with rights to the original image—this can be digital or print
-Many artists have been able to quit their side jobs and make a living off of NFTs
-It also allows artists to preserve originality and avoid being copied
-One can get into NFTs through Distributed Apps
-NFTs allow one to have a mobile art collection

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We spoke with sponsor Mistango River Resources’ Chairman Stephen Stewart. He was quite pleased with the company’s just released drill results, intersecting 86.2 g/t of gold over .5 meters and 5.11 g/t of gold over .97 meters. There was visible gold in this hole and in another, for which they’re still awaiting results.

This confirms Stephen’s thesis that the gold has traveled west from the ultra-productive adjacent Macassa mine. While the Phase 1 drill program didn’t yield any major results, Phase 2 is working out well and will help focus future targeting activities for the Kirkland West Project.

Stephen observes that the past year was a difficult one for the junior mining sector, but is optimistic about the year ahead. Mistango currently has a market cap of CAD $10 million and has $7 million in the bank, leaving an enterprise value of just $3 million. In addition, the prior $60 million Kirkland deal means there will be little if any future dilution. With 600,000 ounces at Omega and hopefully more on the way, its trading for less than $5 per ounce in the ground, an oversized discount. Herein lies the potential value of Mistango.

Stephen expects the news flow to greatly increase this year and is counting on more positive drill results ahead. More drilling is planned for Omega and he believes more good news will be forthcoming.

Ticker Symbol: CSE – MIS

Company Website:

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