Tier One Silver released some highly positive news from their Curibaya Project in Peru. CEO Peter Dembicki explaind that, “[Drill] Hole #6 is the first plus-kilogram intercept at Curibaya on a feeder vein that may host the extensive high-grade silver on surface, which gives us the confidence that we are in the infancy of a new silver discovery. Drilling along structures that have yielded positive channel sample results is proving to be a sound strategy as the Company looks to realize the vast potential of the property indicated through high-grade silver mineralization on surface.“

Senior VP of Exploration David Smithson, speaking to us from the core shack at Curibaya, further clarified, “The positive results from hole 6 represent a major advancement in our understanding of the controls on high-grade mineralization within the project. The combination of alteration vectoring, targeting the margins of high chargeability anomalies and surface geochemical channel sampling is paying dividends with the drill. These results continue to support our view that Curibaya has the potential for a major discovery.”

Clearly these results are a major milestone in Tier One’s advancement towards a major discovery. Smithson suspects that there are a number of similar structures throughout their extensive land package and the team believes that their thesis has been further validated. Results are due in for 9 more holes. Dembicki is expecting more good news. As shareholders we’re excitedly looking forward to the next release.

Website: www.TierOneSilver.com

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Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It seems that it could come down to having to choose between the two, and I talk with Anthony Saccaro to unpack this tricky situation. With low unemployment and high inflation, the Fed is forced to raise interest rates. No matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market. To find out what’s happening with this situation and how to prepare, listen in because you won’t want to miss it.

-Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It could come down to a choice between the two
-The Fed is in a precarious position
-The unemployment rate was doing well for a number of years pre-covid, and they hadn’t raised interest rates in a long time
-Now, unemployment is low and there is high inflation—and they are forced to raise interest rates
-They’re in a position where no matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market
-The worse of the evils at this point is letting inflation continue to run
-The question is whether inflation is temporary or transitory—or if it’s going to be long term
-There aren’t enough workers to unload ships, which is causing issues on the supply side
-Any inflation we have is going to be permanent, but going forward it will hopefully settle off at a lower level
-With the stimulus, people had more money, but less goods and services available
-People begin to expect prices to go higher
-The government is building an economy based on printing money
-If you’re still in the accumulation phase of life, continue with your stocks
-Focus on dividend paying stocks
-If you’re in the older phase of life, you need to be more cautious
-Focus on investments that are going to protect your principles
-Dividend paying stocks fluctuate a lot less than non-dividend paying stocks

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Providence Financial Inc.

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