I sit down and catch up with Octavio Marenzi, who has a lot of insight on why exactly inflation comes about, what price trends look like, and what is being done to fix this phenomenon. Price increases across the board are the result of monetary policy, and we keep seeing this more and more. Tune in to hear more from Octavio and myself.

-The President has ordered the FDC to immediately probe illegal conduct by oil and gas companies
-Are price controls inevitable?
-When there are supply shortages, certain prices go up
-When you see prices up across the board, this is the result of monetary policy
-There was a tremendous demand for cash. As things return to normalcy, people begin to spend this money, and there are supply chain issues
-Speculators are important for stabilizing prices
-Everything being done about inflation is exacerbating the problem
-Government cannot improve the standard of living overall
-Wage/price controls come from the same political ideas

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The world is becoming more digital in a multitude of ways—one of the most prevalent being with money transactions. I sit down and speak with best selling author Richard Turrin about what some of these changes look like, and why this is a game changer for the big economies—starting with China. Tune in for more, and visit the links below to access Richard Turrin’s main website and book.

-Everyone seems to be getting into crypto
-There are very few cash transactions taking place in China
-Are digital currencies going to completely replace cash/standard currency?
-China is a cashless society in the big cities
-China is launching the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC) for a major economy
-A CBDC is not a cryptocurrency; it is a digital representation of paper money
-These transactions are free
-This also gets rid of the middle man—no credit processing needs to be done
-central digital currencies can be built on blockchain, but blockchain usually can’t sustain them in a large economy
-Central bank digital currency is issued by the central banks
-Stable coins are a cryptocurrency and they are a special kind of cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the dollar
-There will be stable coin companies that are regulated similarly to banks
-With a lot of crypto coins, an unlimited amount can be created
-The new version of stable coins will be great

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Financial Survival Network
Rich Turrin
Cashless: China’s Digital Currency Revolution by Richard Turrin

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