The Fed seems to be losing control of the inflation narrative. No one believes it's just temporary as the list of everyday things like gas and coffee that are soring in price gets longer. And fewer people think the Fed has any way of fixing things. 

The labor market is the tightest it's ever been, producing some scary/funny stories. 

US housing is officially a bubble. Now it's not just prices but behaviors that have become dangerous. 

This month's elections in VA and NJ imply big things for next year's Congressional midterms.

Thanksgiving dinner cost is hitting a record. If nothing else brought home the cost of inflation, this dinner will.

-Is the Fed losing control? They have always controlled the narrative, but now, not so much
-The narrative is everything in the currency world
-The Fed has gotten away with the story that the higher prices are transitory and that normality will return
-Financial markets are being affected—there are inflation hedges and gold and silver are starting to ramp up
-It looks as if people don’t believe the Fed anymore
-Inflation started getting closer to double digits in the 70s
-The Fed has made the decision to let the current inflation run for a while and do a tiny bit of tapering
-Inflation is forever now
-In a government bond, you would lose so much capital every year
-Thanksgiving dinner is up to as much as $100 a turkey
-This is a great time to be a debtor
-The complexion of the precious metals market has changed entirely over the last three weeks
-We’ve seen upside reversals

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