If you’re looking to buy a car, to sell one, or even looking for vehicle repairs, you’re going to want to tune in to this episode. I sit down with Pam Oakes and discuss the automobile market—which is in a very unique situation. There’s a shortage of new cars, and an increased demand for used cars—so prices have increased substantially. Tune in to get insight on what to be on the lookout for, and what may be the best option for you.

-If you’re in the market for a car, looking to sell one, or looking for repairs, you’re going to want to tune in
-There’s a shortage of new cars, and used car prices are escalating
-There is a large demand for used cars
-It is not in the consumer’s favor to purchase
-Cars that would normally get repaired are getting totaled because companies know that they won’t be able to get the parts
-Wrecked cars are also going at record prices
-There is also a transition to electric vehicles that is occurring—with certain benefits and drawbacks

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Rick Rule and I sit down to discuss all things investment in light of the fed giving every indication that they’re going to taper. We discuss the oil and gas industry—which we’re pretty optimistic about—as well as the precious metals and how inflation is affecting jobs. Tune in for more insight from myself and Rick.

-The fed is giving every indication that they intend to taper—gold and silver prices are taking hits
-Rule enjoys security analysis and credit analysis, and likes what he does
-He enjoys looking at the interplay between income statements and balance sheets
-He also enjoys interviewing younger entrepreneurs
-The easiest sector to be optimistic about is the oil/gas business because they are generating substantial free cash flows
-The dividends associated with oil and gas are appealing
-Rule is also attracted to precious metals
-There’s lots of under-investment in things that help us to sustain our lives
-The oil and gas price had to go up based on the cost of production
-Businesses are giving large bonuses—especially in the case of trucking
-Certain McDonalds around the country are paying $18-$20/hr and giving hundreds of dollars as a sign on bonus
-People need a living wage
-The market will resolve itself eventually
-The easy money has been made in Uranium—the incentive price will probably rise significantly in the next few years
-Inflation makes existing resources more economic—it increases barriers to entry
-Inflation is the friend of people that have very large developed resources

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Eminent Gold Launches Nevada Treasure Hunt with CEO Paul Sun and Chief Geologist Dan McCoy


We were joined by a new sponsor Eminent Gold Corporation. CEO Paul Sun, a mining engineer with extensive experience in capital markets is at the helm. Chief Geologist Dr. Dan McCoy has over 30 years of global mining experience. He headed up the teams at Keegan Resources and Cayden Resources, which led to the acquisition of both companies.

There’s 4 PhD’s pursuing Eminent’s exploration ambitions. The company has four projects, all of which show great potential. As far is which one is the most promising, McCoy likens it to picking your favorite child, a hard task at best. To date, sampling has taken place at Weepah and Gilbert South. Results have greatly exceeded expectations, with channel grades up to 60 g/t gold and 30g/t gold respectively. This has helped form a better understand the underlying geology and to further refine future drill targeting.

Eminent is not just another Johnny-Come-Lately Nevada gold explorer. Their projects are in close proximity to other large past and present producing mines. They’ve upped the game by looking for gold in places where others haven’t previously ventured. They’re using the latest technology to re-examine historic projects. In earlier times, when less effective methods were the only one’s available, miners pursued low-hanging high-grade fruit and ignored deposits that were not then economic.

Times have changed; Sun and McCoy believe they are on to the next great Nevada discovery(ies) and expect a steady stream of news and catalysts to follow shortly.

Company Website:

Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: EMGDF  — TSX-V: EMNT

Prior company interview: Eminent Gold Corp: Four Nevada Lottery Tickets with CEO Paul Sun

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