With the election season winding down, it’s time to step away from the the deception, lies and noise to figure out what’s really going on. What’s is driving things? The math is the math. What we’ve always called it is the end of the great Keynesian Experiment. Servicing the debt can no longer be maintained by the central banks. With everything going on, we’re a runaway train heading down the track towards Deadman’s Curve. Does it really matter who’s president? Just the amount required to service the existing debt is over $1 trillion per year and rapidly going higher. The Fed is manipulating the markets as always. Powell is to announce that he will keep rates down until 2023 at least. And now the Fed is looking at yield control, cap interest rates because rates cannot be allowed to go higher. 

As a gold and silver investor you need to be buying the dips. If you’re still on the fence, wait till the yield control begins and then the fun will really begin. 

We've been in an intermediate metals downtrend since August. Just like last year. There's nervousness about gold today due to what happened 4 years ago. Negative nominal interest rates are extremely positive for gold ownership. Last time it happened was in the 1970’s. And remember where gold went then? 

Interest on all debt is going parabolic. We don’t know what point it will break, but it’s going break, of that we’re certain. It’s an absolute certainty. The solution is to keep buying bullion, mining stocks and get ready for the ride of our lives. 

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