Just Another Bricks in the Wall - John Rubino  5-11-20

China's Silk Road and Belt initiative goes bust, dollar looking pretty good by comparison. Will the Chinese exercise gunboat diplomacy? 

Battle between ECB and German CB, who can’t agree on how much QE is enough. German Supreme Court has ruled that ECB has gone too far with its version of QE. Europe is only halfway through its integration process and is falling rapidly behind on its goal. 

Second quarter US GDP will be down a whopping 34.9% in the US. CA Deficit $100B for the current fiscal year. Grossly underfunded pension funds. Big bailouts will be demanded by states and the Feds will resist until they can't any longer. 

Swiss National Bank is now officially a hedge fund. It lost money on the decline but made back most of their losses on the recovery. Others are watching and wanting to emulate. 

Germany tries to reopen and appears to be failing. Georgia reopens and appears to succeed. 

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Before the Coronavirus hit, 5.2 percent of US employees reported telecommuting most of the time, while 43 percent worked from home at least some of the time. Now, with these uncharted waters, that figure has skyrocketed globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of Americans to work from home. But when it’s all over, many people could be thinking the trip from the kitchen to the living room may not be such a bad commute. That being said, how will people adjust to being FT remote workers?

· What are some ways to stay on top of your game at home?

· How can you communicate clearly while working remotely?

· Is Zoom the #1 choice for remote communication?

· Will Zoom change the way we communicate in the future?

Be sure to check out John's new book, “Remote Work for a Better World,” where he shares all the secrets to working remotely and how to make sure you're productive even when you’re not in the office.

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