Kevin Drover is so motivated to get Aurcana Corporation's silver mine producing that he's moving to Colorado, down the street, to personally oversee its operations. Unlike many in the industry, Kevin started out as a lowly miner and has worked every position until becoming a CEO. He has devoted substantial personal assets to the company.

Aurcana acquired Ouray Silver Mines Inc. which owns the Revenue-Virginius poly-metallic mine in Ouray, Colorado in December, 2018. Grades run as high as 37 ounces per ton of silver through narrow veins. Even at today's depressed silver prices, this mine is a money maker. With a little cooperation from the markets, this could be a runaway success. 

A new mill was built in 2011 and the mine was last operated in 2015 before being placed on care and maintenance. Since 2015 more than $20 million has been invested in technical work on the asset. In June 2018 and updated feasibility study was completed and the mine is fully permitted for immediate production. And now the capital is being raised and production could be just months away. 

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The coronavirus continues to spread. It has hit U-S bases worldwide and, in some cases, has diminished America's capacity to defend our interests around the globe. But how bad is it?

"Whenever an outside entity invades a military operation - or changes what it is we need to do - there is reason for concern," says long time Intelligence, Counter Terrorism Expert and former Green Beret Brian Boyd (see short bio below).

Another major concern is that the military may not have an adequate supply of coronavirus testing kits at installations overseas, especially in the U.S. Central Command area of operations. In fact, several U.S. military exercises have been canceled or significantly scaled back to prevent the spread of the virus.

So what happens next and are our interests in danger?

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Print, print, print and print still more. Italy, Germany, France and Spain are all throwing money at the problem. The aftermath is going to be that economies will be failing all over the place. The credit cycle was turning down when the pandemic hit. And now the solution to create new money and credit. We were just about to fall off the cliff and along came the Coronavirus. Businesses no longer have clients willing to buy their produce unless they’re supplying essentials. The dollar is central to the entire system. Within a month there will be a banking crisis in Europe. That will be remedied by money printing. 

In the US the supply chain has been interupted. Payments are not flowing. This has a cascading effect. It’s enormous, it’s bigger than GDP. This is having a major negative impact upon total production and this will result in bankruptcies. Banks will reduce their lending to lower risk. The money coming from the Fed must help the payment streams and solve the credit contraction problem. There will come a point when it becomes practical for a country to back its currency with gold. It must have a credible currency and must get it’s financial house in order. You cannot have a gold standard and be running a deficit. It cannot be done. 

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