Joe Biden has entered a new phase of his cognitive impairment, it's gone from disorientation, verbal gaffes and speech impairment to uncontrolled anger, bursts of profanity and a general loss of control. The next phase will be uncontrollable anger leading to violent outbursts. Visit any nursing home and you'll find people in a similar state. There's one very close to my home in FL and regularly there's multiple police cars and ambulances called to quell residents' acts of violence. Joe's well on the path and therefore, he's never going to make it to the nominee. His illness is progressive and soon it will be obvious not only to the world, but the Democrat Party as well. 

Coronavirus/Wuhan Virus has apparently run its course in China and it will run it in the US shortly as well. Spring is coming and pretty soon the so-called civilized world will come to this conclusion. The rate of confirmed infections in the US isn't doubling daily. Rather it seems to have topped out at 30 percent per day. And looking at the map, northern states are being affected far more than those in the south. It is becoming more likely by the day that the virus will subside when warm weather moves in. Then we'll see how pointless this entire exercise was. 

Central banks are priming the pump and blasting money out into the world. At some point this is going to lead to a massive rally in stocks and precious metals. So fear not. Maybe not stocks but certainly precious metals are building up for a massive increase. Get ready for more. 

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