Noted conservative commentator and YouTuber joined us for a look at the coming Democrat landslide loss. It appears that Bernie Sanders has lost his fight, if he ever had any in the first place. He refuses to address the Biden Crime Family and their documented acts of corruption. He ignores Joe Biden's obvious cognitive impairment and says it's off limits. Much like he did in 2016, when he refused to address Hillary Clinton's damn email server. That doesn't sound like much of a winner to us.

Biden on the other hand seems ready to fight the world, especially his prospective voters. He is losing it and our guess is he's not going to make it to the convention and in any event is never going to be the Democrat presidential candidate. He would have lost against Sanders, had not the Party Elites forced Buttigeg and Klobuchar to drop out of the race. What were they promised. It seems likely that the elites refused to give Liawatha Warren anything, so she dropped out after Super Tuesday, when it became obvious she couldn't win (which everyone but her already knew). 

Bill and I discussed Joe Biden's rapidly deteriorating mental state, which can no longer be hidden from the public. Bill, unfortunately has personal experience dealing with a close relative in a similar situation. How long will it be before Biden turns violent. This is a clear case of elder abuse and the enablers should all be held accountable. 

We also discussed the Coronavirus and how bad it is and how bad it will be. While there are many opinions to the contrary, it has  already peaked in China and we're seeing slower spread in the Southern States than in the Northern. California which has many cases, is showing far fewer cases in the Southern Cali than Northern. Which may lend credence to the seasonality effect, but it's too early to tell. 

And finally we discussed Trump's character flaws, of which he has many. But he's willing to fight for capitalism and to fight for the preservation and prosperity of Western Civilization, something no president since Reagan attempted. And that's important for the future of America and the world. We've seen China's inhumane response to the Coronavirus and we don't want to see them leading a world where the individual is completely subservient to the totalitarian state. 

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Nick's been warning about a market plunge for months now. And now here it is. It's been very quick and painful, but great opportunity is ahead. So many people are jumping out of the plane, it's leaving much more room for the remaining passengers. The news is secondary, the market always tells us what the price will be. Nick believes there will be a huge bounce in the markets, probably around or shortly after the election. Gold's case has not changed. Silver, the red-headed step child will follow suit, but later. If it wasn't the Coronavirus, it would have been something else. 

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