Demand for gold is sky rocketing and much of it is due to interest rates. The 10 year is yielding less than one percent, the lowest in history. Real rates are negative. As long as this trend continues the demand for gold will stay strong. Silver is lagging but demand is going to take off shortly. Substitution of silver for gold is already starting. Not to mention the silver to gold ration is closing in on 100, a level not seen in decades. Manipulation is still alive and well, just look at the Comex Silver futures. The question is how high will it go. What is the right price in dollars? Craig defers, especially since we have no idea how many ounces have been leveraged and therefore cannot determine a price. Clearly with global asset allocation to the precious metal sector at just 1 percent, any increase will be chasing a finite amount of metals and then the fun will begin. Click here to get Craig's 2020 forecast...

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The system was so overleveraged and debt so out of control that it was just a matter of when, not if. Will the bank derivative blow up and will that pull down the European and global economy? The stuff that could happen is insanely scary. Turkey is fighting with Russia and demanding that the US enter on their side. Will the US honor its Nato committment. 

Hong Kong is giving out helicopter money, Fed rate cuts and no end in site. Let’s see what happens next!

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