As long as there’s light volume in the market, it can continue to go higher and make new highs. However, when we get a huge volume day, 85 million shares or higher volume on the SPDR and the market heads south, then it’s look out below. Intra-day sell-offs on light volume are bullish. Pull up a daily chart of the SPDR and you’ll see every major turning point. They all happened with high volume on the sell side. Nick believes that the Fed knows something that isn’t being told to the public. Who will loan to central banks at negative rates. Just a trading vehicle, no reasonable investor is going to risk it. Gold futures peaked in early September. When you look at a monthly chart, it’s the most bullish chart we’ve seen in years. This thing is going to scream on the upside. Thrust, pause, thrust. The pattern goes back thousands of years. Nick is always super-bullish on the US Dollar. Should it decline to .96 it’s a screaming buy. 

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Scott Bossman is a physical therapist, husband, and father of four who got his start in the world of land investing about 4 years ago. When he realized his physical therapy career just didn’t allow him the financial freedom he really wanted, he started doing some research to find a passive income option that would help him design a life on his terms. He became a student of Mark “The Land Geek” Podolsky in 2015, and has kept his nose to the grindstone with Mark’s tried-and-true system for generating passive income through raw land flipping. Today, Scott is a member of the Land Geek team and is passionate about sharing his journey into the world of raw land flipping, in hopes of inspiring others to step into their side hustle and achieve financial freedom.

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